Waffle Recipes For Waffle Makers

This is the second question we get asked from time to time - which recipes here are waffle recipes for waffle makers? To be short - all of them. All the waffle recipes on this website are meant for waffle makers. In fact, a waffle maker is crucial in the process of making waffles. Waffle maker makes that distinct pattern that waffles are so famous for. Without one you can not make real waffles. It also takes care of the baking process of course, evenly baking them throughout.

On the other hand people also often ask can you make waffles without a waffle maker? Well yes and no. You can not make real waffles because of the before mentioned pattern. Also - the parts of the waffle maker that make the pattern are also responsible for baking the waffle evenly through and through. But you can still make the dough and use a skillet, a frying pan to bake them. In this case make sure you use less batter and make them thinner. They will turn out more like pancakes but the taste should be the same.

If you are making waffles for the first time and you are looking for waffle recipes for waffle makers try these ones:
Easy Waffle Recipe
Basic Waffle Recipebr /> Belgian Waffle Recipebr /> br /> Enjoy!br />

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