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Pretty much all waffle recipes are made for waffle makers. Waffle makers give waffles their recognizable shape and without them waffles would be more or less pancakes. So if you browse through this website you will find plenty of waffle recipes for waffle makers. But what about the makers themselves? What do you need to know about them before you buy one or start using one?

So you are hooked on waffles and you started making them at home? Now it would be a good time to get a waffle maker for your kitchen. Waffle makers (also called waffle iron) go quite a long way back. Some even date them all the way back to ancient times and we guess waffles could be right there with them. First waffle makers
Early waffle makers were designed by the blacksmiths and were manufactured of casted iron plates. When you wanted to make some waffles you had to fire up your wooden stove and make sure that both sides of the waffle maker were heated one after the other. Waffle makers came to US sometimes in 1790s from France and they came a long way since then.

Modern waffle makers
It's a good thing these waffle makers are a thing of the past. Modern waffle makers are a technical thingies with auto timers and programs, thay run on electricity and tell you when the waffle is ready.

One thing you should decide before you go and buy a waffle iron is the size of it. Do you want to make real Belgian waffles? In that case you need a Belgian waffle maker – it is bigger in size and has a deep grill to make that Belgian waffle pattern and size we all know. But don't worry; Belgian waffles from a smaller waffle maker will taste just as good.

How to choose a waffle maker?

As we said, first thing you need to decide on is the size and the shape of the waffles you want to make. Size and shape are determined by the size, shape and grid of the waffle maker since when you pour the batter in the waffle maker it will take shape of waffle maker grid. Waffle makers are available with many shapes like round, square, rectangular and so on, but this has no effect on the taste so it doesn't really matter.

Next thing is how many waffles do you want to make at the same time? Most of the waffle makers are made to give you one or two waffles, but you can get waffle makers that can make or up to four waffles at a time. That can come handy if you have a really big waffle hungry family or you want to sell some waffles to you neighbors. If you decided on a Belgian waffle maker, then be aware that is usually comes with one big grill (without partitions) so you can only make one big waffle at a time.

Grill material. These days Brushed stainless steel is used to make most of the waffle makers. All waffle makers now also come with non stick coat that keeps waffles from sticking to the waffle maker (but you still need some oil to keep thing smooth). The quality of these coats can differ from waffle maker to waffle maker.

Waffle maker should also be insulated so you don't burn yourself when you are making waffles (like insulated handles etc…).

A nice feature that many waffle makers have is a trip tray that catches the overflowing batter and helps the kitchen and your stove to be clean and tidy.

These would be the basics we guess, and then there are a few "advanced" features that are different from one waffle maker to another. Like programmable waffle maker, waffle maker with timer that tells you when the waffles are ready and makes a sound, flashes a light, calls you into the kitchen and makes the table :) etc… It's up to you how much of these do you need. Waffles in a waffle maker are baked in not more than two to three minutes.

We also recommend you read this first hand waffle maker buying experience from one of our visitors. She really captures everything you need to know about them.
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15.09.2007. 03:38


Joe 28.11.2007. 04:57

What are your thoughts on the models of Belgian waffle makers that flip/rotate versus standard waffle makers that do not flip over?

Waffle Man 09.12.2007. 12:51

Well, the flip/rotate waffle maker is top of the line right now imho. The rotation makes waffles more uniform with less voids and both waffle plates get covered with batter more evenly. So it's a nice feature to have, but in the end... we made lots of great tasting waffles without the rotating waffle maker :)

Amanda 15.03.2008. 18:02

What if you live in a country where you can't get a waffle maker? Can you make them on the stove like pancakes?

Dan 17.03.2008. 02:45

You can make them like pancakes, but it's not quite the same. Maybe you can order waffle maker from amazon.com or ebay.com? They ship worldwide!

mark 21.04.2008. 22:42

you have a computer and the internet but you cant find a store that sells waffle makers

pink_boa 27.05.2008. 20:04

if you really can't find a waffle maker try a jaffle maker. This will produce pretty good waffles minus the grid pattern.

chocolate 31.05.2008. 12:17

Do you have to grease your waffle maker before adding the mixture?

Waffle man 02.06.2008. 07:40

@chocolate: well, it depends on the waffle maker and how much oil/butter is added to the waffle batter. Some bigger and older waffle makers need some grease to prevent waffles from sticking. New ones can bake waffles without extra greasing, but sometimes the waffles bake better if you do it.

bri 16.06.2008. 17:44

can u make a waffle cone on a Belgium waffle maker cause i really don't want to go out and buy one at the store if i have a waffle maker it seems dumb

Yum 20.06.2008. 15:50

Old-style cast iron waffle makers do a really good job, last forever, and don't take up as much room at those big machine-ones. Plus you can cook on electric stoves, gas, or fire (take it camping with you!) And their non-stick abilities improve with time if you don't maltreat them. And the waffles that come out of them are somehow tastier than the ones I've had out of waffle making machines. I just wanted to get that info out there. You do have to do the timing yourself.

jacob 24.06.2008. 09:42

I just wanted to ask, how is it best to store both the batter in the fridge and the waffle once it's made?

Should the batter be in an airtight container?

As for the waffle already made, I read somewhere it's best after making it, to put it in a ziploc bag and freeze it. Then once you're ready to eat, just take it out and put it in the oven for a few minutes.
Would a microwave be just as good?
Considering using the oven for a few seconds uses more power than a 15-30 second nuke would.


andy 25.06.2008. 02:27

From my experience, storing food in airtight container is always best - less oxidation and no worries about some other foods leaving their smell on your waffle batter.

When freezing waffles, I do the same as you said, ziploc bag and I try to squeeze all the air out. When I know I'll be putting waffles into freezer I usually don't bake them until the end, I leave them a bit softer. Then when I want to eat them I thaw them and the put the in my waffle maker for a while. I guess if they are completely done, microwave should do just fine.

mom 05.07.2008. 12:01

I freeze waffles stacked with wax paper and use the toaster to defrost/heat them back up.

Magna 11.09.2008. 14:33

I always cook extra waffles and put them in ziplock bag in freezer. I then take them out and microwave until soft and then place in wide slot toaster until crisp. only takes a couple of minutes and they are almost as good as just out of waffle maker.

Greg 01.12.2008. 00:10

I would like to make Liege waffles just like they do in Belgium. What is the best waffle iron for this and where can I get it?

jenny 26.03.2009. 03:06

I don't think you can make waffle cones with Belgian waffle maker.

gauge 28.03.2009. 10:09

You can use a pizzelle iron , or a krumkake iron to make waffle cones. The Swedish have a tapered wooden dowel to help form the cone after baking. I have seen all these things for sale on eBay.

notlad 10.07.2009. 10:38

i ♥ waffles they are so warm and delicious

Vicdanis 27.09.2009. 12:33

Why is it important to flip your waffles whiling cooking?

Dae Gerrish 22.11.2009. 18:21

Is there a different Waffle maker for Liege Waffles. If so Where can I Find one.

Nikki 27.04.2010. 11:56

Are waffles the only thing you can make in a waffle maker?

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