How To Store Waffles

It can happen, we have seen it. You have hungry eyes and you make way to much waffle batter. Now what? Seems like a waste to throw it away. If you plan to make some more waffles in a while, like in the evening or even next morning you can simply cover the bowl with your waffle batter and store it in you refrigerator.

The second, even better and more longterm way to store your waffles is this - when you and your family are full and you are still left with plenty of waffle batter turn down the heat on the waffle iron about 20%. Then bake the rest of the waffles, but make them slightly under done. When they are cool just put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. Next time you get that waffle craving your hunger will be satisfied even sooner.

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06.05.2008. 07:07


Nick 31.12.2008. 06:17

Stupendous tip. Reheated waffles. I wish. Most delish.

ofelia 15.01.2009. 20:57

a million of thanks,now i kmow how to make waffle.

Miguel 18.06.2009. 11:22

Brilliant! great site and great tips!

zimbini 13.07.2009. 09:15

thank you, wonderful tips, simple enough for chefs wanna be's like me!!

ollie 14.08.2009. 19:27

Do you put the frozen waffle back into the waffle iron to finish cooking?

Thanks for the tip, I'd never heard of having them a little under-done before. :)

Elizabeth 20.09.2009. 10:06

You put the frozen waffles in your toaster - that's why they need to be slightly under-done. Just like the frozen ones from the store(eggo waffles), which, you will notice, are never golden brown until after you put them in the toaster. But they home made are by far more delicious!

seano 10.11.2009. 12:46

i try to duplicate the EGGO waffles. i have refridgerated and si NO GOOD!! do not try this method!! mold grows on it refridgerated.
instead, put in freezer. when in need of waffles pop them in the toaster and bam!! good as new.
also, when you are making waffles, if they come out with and not fully tan, you can put them in the toaster as this also helps alot too.

Julie 13.03.2010. 07:53

I lay them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Once frozen I put them in gallon zip lock freezer bags. The pre-frozen waffles will not stick together when stacked & are super quick to pop in the toaster.

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