Different Waffles

One of the great things about waffles is the fact that you can twist and tune them to your own taste and make many different waffles. The basic waffle recipe (or any other recipe for that matter...) can be the start for many different waffles for many different tastes.

How to make different waffles?
You can try two things. You can either change waffle batter itself by mixing things into it or using different ingredients or you can make your everyday waffles and then play with what you put on top of them.

This site already has lots of recipes and ideas for waffles. You can spice them up by using another kind of flour like whole wheat flour, you can use buttermilk or throw some chocolate chips or nuts into the mix. You can make them healthier by using less sugar or replacing white sugar with brown sugar and honey. Or you can go in totally opposite way and make different waffles that are salty instead of sweet. Ad some vegetables for instance.

There is no need to stop when you have tried all the recipes on this site. Try and experiment for your self. Maybe you will discover some new fun waffle recipe for different waffles. Hey, you can even send us the recipe, we will publish it on waffle-recipe.com and people will be able to try it and rate it for themselves.

Another way to make different not every day the same waffles is to play with what you put on top of them. Waffles with chocolate anyone? How about waffles with cream, waffles with marmalade, waffles with ice cream, waffles with apple sauce, waffles with fruits like strawberries, apples, peaches, bananas, pineapples, pears, kiwi, blueberries... oh and of course waffles with syrup

If you are making your waffles salty you can even combine them with meat sauces.

We hope we threw some useful ideas your way on how to make different waffles. Anyway - enjoy them either way.

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lea 14.05.2009. 08:10

i just want to know what flour am i going to use...the best four to make it so soft

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