Texas-shaped Waffle Maker Review

Before I start this review, I must say I'm no gourmet chef, more of a "gourmand chef" -- meaning I will eat pretty much everything and enjoy all kinds of food. I have a bunch of little machines to speed up the cooking process so I can get to what is important to me, which is eating food with my loved ones. That said, I can apologetically say that waffle makers are a great addition to the arsenal of kitchen appliances that make modern cooking easier, and are the most fun to bring out at holidays and family breakfasts. Texas shaped waffle makers are no exception. In fact, you would never believe how fun it is to have a waffle shaped like something besides a boring old circle.

This waffle iron is something that we have enjoyed at the house whenever family from out of town is staying over and we want to give them a memorable Sunday-morning breakfast. Our other waffle iron spilled batter out of the sides, and we eventually got rid of it and moved on to this one after seeing it online. It has a fun personality and charm, and always starts the morning out by inspiring good humor and conversations.

Belgian waffles are great with whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruit, or butter and Vermont maple syrup, though in this case we call it a Texas/Belgian mix. A recipe that suits any whim and desire can be found online if you look. Try a Texas-shaped waffle and fried chicken for a real southwest "food trailer" treat. Or ice cream over a hot waffle for a late-night snack, maybe with some chocolate drizzled over the top.

The manufacturer that made ours was an online store of the same name (just look up Texas Waffle Maker) but they are also sold on Amazon (you can find it here ) and from Mission Restaurant Supply. Compare and read reviews to find the one you want. Most of them have a price comparable to what it would cost to take a family out to eat breakfast one morning.

The Texas Shaped Waffle Maker is really fun to have around the house. I'm sure I'll be handing some out for Christmas presents this year, just not to my friends who don't live in the state. For better or for worse, we may be the only place who cherishes our shape enough to make food into it.

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mike peterman 29.06.2011. 16:12

dont anyone ever eat chicken n waffels there not just for breakfast !

gina guarisco 03.09.2012. 11:59

can i get a texas shaped waffle iron for 20 bucks?!!!!

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