Use Your Imagination With Waffle Dessert

This is the time to get wild with your waffles. Let your inner child take over - or turn the kitchen over the children in the house for this one. Imaginations can run wild as waffle creations are invented as we go along. There is no limit to what can be done with dessert waffles - except the limitations we place on ourselves.

Any basic Belgian waffle recipe is transformed into a decadently mouthwatering dessert by an almost infinite combination of add-ons and toppings.

Here is a list of topping suggestions for you to start with, but don’t be let this list hold you back. If you or someone members of your family have a favorite topping not mentioned here, just add it to the list.

- Candy sprinkles

- Butterscotch syrup

- Chocolate syrup

- Chocolate chips

- Butterscotch chips

- Canned icing

- Scribble icing

- Chopped nuts

- Ice cream - any flavor

- Whipped cream

- Non-dairy whipped topping

- Fresh or frozen fruit

- Maraschino cherries

- Mandarin oranges

These waffles are especially fun to make when you have children in the house. Just make the waffles and put them on the table. Then watch their eyes light up when you tell them to create their own desserts. You will no doubt be quite pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

(thanks Beth!)

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