Mango Waffle Topping

This tropical delicacy makes an excellent dessert topping for basic traditional or Belgian waffles. Simply follow the directions described below and be prepared to delight your family with the exotic flavors of the tropics.

For each Mango Waffle, You Will Need the Following Ingredients:

- 1/2 mango - sliced thin

- 1 teaspoon mango chutney

- 1 teaspoon Guava jelly

- 1 scoop sorbet - any flavor

- 1 dollop non-dairy whipped cream

- 1 tablespoon raisins 


1. Mix guava jelly and mango chutney in small container.

2. Spread chutney/jelly mixture on surface of waffle.

3. Pile on fresh mango slices 

4. Add sorbet, followed by whipped topping

5. Top with raisins

6. Optional toppings: chopped nuts, maraschino cherry.

Note: you can use any waffle recipe from this site, we use Belgian waffle recipe because of the big deep pockets that hold lots of topping.

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