Waffle Cone Recipe

Waffle cones are the most popular waffles in the whole world. They are not any special kind of waffles, they are just used to hold a few balls of ice cream and since everybody likes and eats ice cream waffle cones are popular too. They do come in different sizes, flavors and tastes but still they are easy to make if you have the right waffle cone recipe. We will give you a couple of waffle cone recipes that you may try at home. Fist we give you a basic waffle cone recipe for a cone waffle rich with butter.

Basic Waffle Cone Recipe

For Basic Waffle Cone Recipe you will need the following stuff:
1 complete egg
1 egg white
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of butter (warm)
2/3 cup of all purpose flour and
1/4 teaspoon of salt.

With this waffle cone recipe you will get around eight waffle cones. Now lets get busy! Oh, first you want to preheat the waffle iron, just in case you need it afterwards :).

Now take the egg white, egg and the salt and put them in a bowl. Beat them until the mix is properly blended. Then get sweet and add some sugar to this mixture. Stir until you notice the egg getting light in color (this will take like a minute or so). Now add the flour and mix again. You have to mix it really well so there are no lumps (lumps bad). When done all there is left to do is to add the melted butter (and yes, mix some more).

OK, the dough is ready and just waiting to hop into the waffle iron. Bake it for around a minute. Then quickly remove it and role it in a cone. Hold the waffle cone like that for a while so it cools a little and keeps its shape. Oh, and watch it, it's hot so use a towel. Finito! Just throw in a couple of balls of ice cream and enjoy. The waffle cone recipe is over. You can check out our other waffle cone recipe or...

You can also check out this site where you can Learn how to make ice cream for you freshly baked waffle cone.
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23.09.2007. 15:05


jo 27.05.2008. 09:53


Joe 28.11.2008. 10:33

I think you need to say how hot to make your oven!

Bonnie Protzman 18.03.2009. 19:04

Can you use a crepe maker for this if you don't have a waffle iron?

ironless 27.06.2009. 21:16

what is a good substitute if you don't have a waffle iron?

Gary 23.07.2009. 12:21

Joe: it's a waffle iron, not an oven! (use exclamation points when you want to exclaim)

Bonnie: You can probably use a crepe maker, but it won't have the fun waffle texture (the variation of thick and thin sections is part of what gives the waffle cone strength) so be really careful with your crepe cones. It's always worth a try, right?

Ironless: Umm... maybe call bonnie next week and see how things went.

Carly Shay 17.08.2009. 18:49

It went awseome!!!

xavster 19.08.2009. 03:42

where can i get a waffle iron?

amanda 30.09.2009. 00:54

Does it matter as to what type of waffle iron you use? Mine is very deep, like a belgin style waffle, makes very thick ones. Will this work??

Lisa 01.10.2009. 03:13

I think you need a special waffle maker that is pretty much flat with just a little grid.

Patrick 21.10.2009. 15:09

Yes, you need a special waffle cone baker. Even a standard waffle baker will not work - still too thick. To answer an earlier questtion you need to set your cone baker to approximately 385°F and cook for about 1 minute. Check out NEMCO Food Equipment's website they sell cone bakers - really for commercial use but will give you an idea of what you're looking for - or they can sell you one if you would like.

Karen 24.10.2009. 09:50

I need to know how much of the waffle mixture to put into the waffle maker to make the waffle cones?

Kotter 15.09.2010. 15:08

You can use a regular grill, or crepe pan, use small amount of batter, and once browned on both sides, form to any shape you can imagine and let cool. Did you ever notice that cones and fortune cookies taste very much alike? Sandra Lee has a recipe that she baked in an oven, check out her Semi-homemade site.

Rich 23.09.2010. 00:05

I made the Recipe it made 3 waffle cones for me kinda on the thick side. My griddle hads a shalow grid pattern with an oblong shape the only problem i had was the break section lines they made a week spot when you used less batter. They taste great,and hold shape well. I used a coffee mug that has a tapper to cool them in.

emma 19.04.2011. 15:38

hi made im yummy

Wendy 03.12.2011. 16:22

You need a waffle CONE iron, Not a waffle iron as the recipe directions mistakenly read. A CONE iron is essentially flat with tiny raised decoration about the height of a needle. Any other kind of waffle iron is too deep. For the batter measure, use a #40 cookie scoop or about 2-3 TBSP of batter, but you can experiment to your taste. Too much more batter flows out the sides. This recipe made very thin delicate crispy cones.

Doug Morgan 03.12.2011. 16:26

This worked really well. Writing this from Britain so may have got some of the measurements wrong. I used about 125ml of sugar (half mug) and 180 ml plain flour (2/3 of a mug). It wa a bit thick so I doubled the amount of butter (not sure if water/skimmed milk would have done the same) and then poured 1 1/2 tablespoons into a dry, pre-heated non-stick frying pan. I moved the mixture around off the heat to make a thin pancake before returning over a medium heat and cooking on both sides until light brown. Able to shape when cooked and leave to crispen.

Also used to make a crispy centre for chocolates/base for florentines, using a cookie cutter on the soft waffle just after taking it out of the pan. Also nicely flavoured with a teaspoon of natural peppermint extract/flavouring.

Xandy 21.12.2011. 21:53

Just cause it's silmpe doesn't mean it's not super helpful.

rds 07.01.2012. 00:12

Pleasant Hill Grain has the waffle cone makers

Elle 11.02.2012. 04:38

Good recipe, I did not have waffle or creepe maker so I used a frypan :) didn't work awesomely but I managed to make very dodge but yummy cones. Was a thick recepe though which made it hard to flatten in fry pan. Thnk you

Amy 24.12.2012. 16:29

These are easy to make, but yes...there is a big difference between a waffle iron and a waffle CONE iron. You can use a crepe machine, but the size of the actual cone will be dramatically smaller, which might be a good thing. You don't need a massive cone just to enjoy a small scoop of icecream. You can get creative and add things like mint extract, lemon extract, etc. to compliment a certain flavor of icecream. I found an Old World waffle cone press and cone shaper at a swapmeet for cheap, and that machine has been iconic around the holidays at my house. A gourmet waffle cone, with a piece of apple/ or pumpkin pie shoved in it, topped with vanilla icecream. Yum! Ideas are endless!

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