Sugar Waffle Recipe

There are more different kinds of sugar waffles. Actually Liege Waffle Recipe is also one of the sugar waffle recipes. Sugar Waffles we will make with this recipe are sweeter and smaller and got their name from the dark brown sugar on top of them. This Sugar waffle recipe uses no yeast so sugar waffles will be denser.

Sugar Waffle Recipe

For this Sugar Waffle recipe we will need:
2 Cups all-purpose White Flour
1 Egg
1 Cup White Granulated Sugar
1/8-Teaspoon Baking Powder
2 Cups Water
1 teaspoon Vanilla
some salt if you like

Follow us while we make sugar waffles:
1. Mix the eggs and granulated sugar.
2. Take a large bowl and throw in all the flour, baking powder, vanilla and salt. Make a hole in the middle and pour in water and eggs.
3. Mix until you have a nice and even mixture.
4. And leave the mix alone for a while, in the mean time turn on the waffle maker and grease it a little so the waffles don't stick.
8. Pour the waffle batter into the waffle maker and bake until they are golden brown.
9. Eat them and enjoy!

Obviously this is the end of the sugar waffle recipe :).

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04.10.2007. 08:09


Kelly 22.02.2008. 09:06

I made the sugar waffle recipe - they were delicious. The only problem was they were kind of pale and doughy in the middle ... no matter how long I left them in the waffle iron. Did I do something wrong???

Jen 27.04.2008. 13:21

mine tasted good, but I doubled the recipe ....however I forgot to double the water hahaha so they were a bit stiff. Really GOOd though!! would of been great I imagine if I added 2 more cups water :)

kc 02.05.2008. 21:22

I think it would be a little helpful if you put how many this recipe serves because we doubled the recipe and it came out with at least 50 waffles!

Kelly 03.06.2008. 19:53

50 Waffles!!! What size is your waffle iron?

Kat 06.06.2008. 00:58

Where do you find the pearl sugar for the liege waffles? The only type I can find resembles beads of icing sugar.

susie ann 28.06.2008. 07:44

we adjusted your recipe because we are expert chefs and we know what we are doing.
our tip of the week is: we recommend you use less water because it makes the batter runnier, making it doughy.
if you take our little tip your waffles should be perfecto!! : )

deedee 24.07.2008. 21:07

susie ann - I read your tip and I am confused. How does using "less" water make the recipe runnier? And please clarify: does runnier batter make the waffles doughy?

Dave 02.08.2008. 11:29

Deedee- what is perfectly clear in susie ann's reply is that the excess water makes it runny, and by using less water, it then becomes doughy

Shelle 02.11.2008. 07:40

Made these but they were extremely doughy on the inside and I didn't really care for the flavor- it's like eating regular bread.

chad 30.12.2008. 10:43

made these as directed, batter was a wet soup... needed more flour. 3-4 cups total

Nick, Logan, Taylor and Adrianne 31.12.2008. 06:12

Substitute water with egg nog for a festive treat.

Kristin 07.02.2009. 08:35

I tried putting the water ina half a cup at a time, and it was perfect after 1 1/2 cups. When I ate it, it tasted like cereal, so don't put as much sugar in.

K and A 07.02.2009. 08:41

We found that the Waffles were more like rubber than waffles. Our were very doughy and dense. Also we found that the outside did not brown up but instead remembled the color of pale skin.

Melanie 15.02.2009. 07:36

My kids hated these. The texture was chewy and the taste was not bad but, if something can taste watery, these did. The dough was a runny mess and it took forever to cook.

HJ 22.03.2009. 10:27

We tried this recipe but no mater what the waffles came apart when we opened the waffle Iron

this has never happened when we made waffles before using other recipes from this page they always come out perfect. If I had to guess it would be the lack of oil in this recipe but no matter what we tried top and bottom sick and would separate. tasted good but way too messy won't be making these again!!!!

The Real Deal 11.04.2009. 14:28

This recipe is absolutely terrible. I don't know how it's even up on this site as a good recipe.

uSeR 35o07 07.06.2009. 08:21

I wish I would have read the comments before making these. I bought a Oster model 3874 waffle maker and it had a nice selection of recipes in its manual. I am sad to say the manual got misplaced, because it had an awesome recipe for a chocolate chip waffle. It made a perfect sugar waffle if you left out the chocolate chips. Anyways this recipe on this site is nasty. It is a really runny batter that seems to cook ok in my waffle maker but the inside of the waffle is doughy no matter how long you cook it. The waffle taste really watery. I really don't know if adding less water would make a difference in the recipe. I tried adding more flour but it make them stiff and seemed to make the center even more doughy. Anyways I hope I save someone some flour. Do not make these!
This is a bad recipe.

~uSeR 35o07

uSeR 35o07 10.06.2009. 18:38

Here is a really good sugar waffle recipe

Sugar Waffles

1-1/2 cup flour
1-1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 large eggs
3/4 cup milk

Mix dry ingredients and liquid ingredients separately then combine.

Makes approximately 6 large waffles.

~uSeR 35o07

Kainani 11.07.2009. 15:24

I made uSeR 35o07 Sugar Waffles. It was quick & easy. Plus they didn't even stick to my waffle iron. They came out really easy. My kids loved it. Thanks uSeR 35o07.

After reading some of the comments about the orginal above recipe, I decided not to try it.

anna 23.07.2009. 19:52

ok so question.. i live in Australia and im confused if the all-purpose White Flour is plain or self raising???

Flour 27.07.2009. 04:51

anna - all purpose flour is plain flour, the ordinary stuff, it's called all purpose because it can be used for anything - it is suitable for all kinds of recipes.

Buttercups 20.08.2009. 00:35

These waffles stole my bike. If you make them, beware!!!

johanna 29.08.2009. 10:33

i tryed these waffles but added chocolate cocoa and milk instead of water but they are delicious, i would make these waffles any day!!

Sheila 21.10.2009. 13:50

My daughter and I tried this recipe tonight as our first experience and the result was fantastic,
Perfect waffles! I was just thinking perhaps the kind of waffle maker is important as well as the recipes. Ours is a "SilverCrest" and we love it!!!!!!

Yassy 06.11.2009. 10:38

i love these waffles i tried the sugar one and the one user 2500 somthing gave they were beautiful!! i love dem and so did my family

elenarosarosailsa 09.12.2009. 11:11

add butter. and some almound.

Rosa 09.12.2009. 11:13

deees wafflez be narsty

Gavala 13.03.2010. 10:45

hey i found that the waffles weren't rising they were like pancakes with this recipe so i tried it with self raising flower instead and they turned out great, better than expected, and they will be perfect for mothers day tomorrow.

Home Economist 23.07.2010. 20:29

The first recipe has no fat, and only one egg for two cups of flour, although the instructions say "eggs", so there is something incorrect in the transcribing of the recipe. Waffles always have some kind of butter, or oil.

Alex 31.10.2010. 15:05

Recipe was good, but seemed better suited to make crepes rather than waffles. When I used the waffle iron, by the time the waffle was golden brown, it was hard as a rock. Less water, maybe?

AK 26.01.2011. 09:53

I tried the recipe that uSeR 35o07 suggested. They didn't stick to my waffle iron. They weren't to soft or to hard. They were just right. The perfect recipe I needed. Before, I was always using the pancake/waffle mix that comes from the market. With that recipe you had to use oil and let the mixture sit. They always stuck to my waffle iron and hardly ever came out right. I used to think that something was wrong with my waffle iron until I used uSeR 35o07 recipe. Just what I needed.

Kari 29.01.2011. 14:12

I made these waffles and they are delicious! Instead of just using plain sugar, I used half a cup of regular sugar and half a cup of brown sugar. I also used whole wheat flour instead of regular. And as always, all of the ingredients were organic- the only way to cook! Soooo yummy!

Also! My waffle maker is crappy and they kept sticking, so instead of getting frustrated and quitting, I turned them into pancakes. Wonderful!

Mary 05.04.2011. 16:47

I made these and they were very delicious! at first, when i made the batter, i thought it was very runny, and thought that the waffles were going to fail. i toke my time and let them cook. when i toke them out they were a masterpiece! i'm glad i didn't listen to all the other comments but i still understand what yall were saying. i'm so happy with the taste and i think next time i'll put a little brown sugar in there too! TRY IT :) they turn out sooooo crunchy but soft, and sugary too!

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