Liege Waffle Recipe

Another waffle from Belgium. These guys really know their waffles. This Liege Waffle Recipe comes from tadaaaa – the city of Liege in Belgium. Again the Liege waffle recipe is almost the same as the ordinary Belgian waffle recipe, just sweeter. Liege waffles are also smaller, so you can hold them in your hands while Brussels waffles are eaten from a plate with a fork and knife. To make Liege waffles you have to add some extra vanilla sugar (What is vanilla sugar? It is vanilla scented sugar. You can even make your own if you put a whole vanilla bean in a jar of white sugar for a week or so.) Liege waffles are a bit denser and also sweeter. A little piece of history before we start cooking, yeah it is always fun to learn new things – Liege waffles were invented in eighteenth century by one of the cooks of Prince-Bishop of Liege. I bet you did not know that, we sure didn't.

Liege Waffle Recipe

For a Liege Waffle recipe we will need:
2 cups flour
1 cup pearl sugar
1 cup melted butter
3 eggs
1 (1/4 ounce) package yeast
1/3 cup lukewarm water
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar (add some vanilla sugar)
1/8 teaspoon salt

How to make Liege Waffles in nine easy steps:
1. Take the lukewarm water and mix in yeast, 1 1/2 tablespoon sugar and salt. Let the yeast develop for 15 minutes. In the meanwhile you can melt the butter, but be careful - do not burn it.

2. Now take a large bowl and put in the flour, make a hole in the middle, pour in the yeast that you made in step one. Also add eggs and melted butter and knead until you get nice and even dough. Then let it rest so the yeast does it's magic and the dough doubles.

3. Now take pearl sugar and gently mix it in.

4. Again, let it rest for 15 minutes, in the meanwhile you can turn on the waffle maker so its nice and hot.

5. All there is left is to pour the waffle dough into the waffle maker and bake for 3-5 minutes. Because we mixed in the sugar late in the process it will melt and caramelize and give that special Liege waffle taste. Just be careful when you take them out of the waffle maker, caramelized sugar can make them sticky.

6. Enjoy!!

This is the end of the Liege waffle recipe. Bon appetit!

A few useful tips from our readers:

Hope you can be bothered to read on as I have added a few tips which I found out for myself to be very helpful.
My husband and I have, for years, loved both Brussel's and Liege Waffles, so when he saw a waffle iron for sale he bought it! That then set me on the trail of finding a recipe and came across this site.
I consider myself an accomplished cook and not frightened to give anything a go, though I started with the Brussel's recipe and I have tried the Liege one.
Tips for anyone following either recipe (particularly in the UK):
A cup of flour or sugar is the equivalent to 200g, a cup of butter is 250g or 1 block.
Both recipes state butter in two different terms but both are the same!
You use melted butter in both recipes
Don't be frightened to add a little extra liquid if need be but only a few drops at a time.
The mixture will looks like it came straight out of a scary movie and will seem to have a mind of its own.
If you use a hand whisk you are likely to have the stuff all over the kitchen so either take it slow or better still (and if you have one) use a proper mixer.
I purchased Pearl Sugar/Hail Sugar (Hagel Sucker in German) for the German Deli in London as a previous tipster suggested. Though not exactly pearl sugar it is the closest I could get. Pearl Sugar is made from pure cane sugar and doesn't have the same melting point as normal sugar.
Vanilla sugar was also easy to make (buy a vanilla pod, sugar and an air-tight container) it may sound expensive but I cut the vanilla pod open and added both the contents and the pod to the sugar in the air-tight jar and remember to shake it every few days!)
Alternatively use a little sugar with vanilla essence - 1 dessert spoon or 1/2 a tablespoon of sugar and two teaspoons of vanilla essence or extract.
I should also suggest turning the waffle iron down in temperature to 3 or 4 for the liege waffles as they take a little longer to cook than the brussel's version and you'll have the little sugar pockets in the waffles. On the higher temperature they will melt!
Both recipes worked very well and now I have been given the task of making waffles every weekend!!


Another Liege Waffle Recipe

Another Liege waffle recipe was recently sent to us from one of our readers. It's a recipe that has passed from generation to generation and you can find it here - Great grandmothers Liege waffle recipe. Thanks for sending the recipe and we hope you all enjoy it.

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04.10.2007. 07:45


Keith M 23.02.2008. 09:23

Hi, just tried this recipe. Waffles were superb. But was a bit confused by the instruction to knead in steps 3 & 4. In step 3, the mixture does not have enough liquid to come together, so I added more water until it was. You then end up with a bread mix, to which it is then impossible virtually to add eggs/butter. I managed eventually with the aid of an electric mixer!! anyway, like I say, they came out great, but should I end up with a bread mixture at the end of step 3 or not. If the requirement is to mix the yeast around the flour as best as possible, it might be better to reword the instruction?

WaffleMan 26.02.2008. 08:39

Hello Keith, we see how the instructions could be miss understood, steps 3 and 4 are actually a part of the same step - you also add eggs and butter while you are kneading. Anyway, we joined 3. and 4. so things are clearer :)

Talia 24.06.2008. 00:39

I just made this recipe, and it was good. I didn't have pearl sugar so I used a turbinado sugar instead, and it seems to have worked alright.

JCH 25.06.2008. 10:16

Fantastic waffles!!! We've been looking for a good recipe for this type waffle and now have found it!

We couldn't find pearl sugar locally either so I used rough cut sugar cubes and crushed to about "BB" size - worked great!

galen 13.08.2008. 16:09

i just got back from liege, and these waffles are exact replicas! i found these waffles much more popular in Amsterdam, they often cover them with chocolate, or strawberry flavored chocolate, nuts, even m&m's. great recipe turned out perfect

MT 30.08.2008. 04:57

Hi, I don't have vanilla sugar, is it possible to make some by yourself?

philly 01.09.2008. 14:50

If you make your own vanilla sugar be sure to scrape out the inside vanilla goodness from the beans and you can make some nice vanilla bean whip cream to go with the waffles. just store the left over scraped bean in a tight container with sugar and shake it around every once in awhile. waste nothing!

tony 13.09.2008. 13:22


I just tried to make these, and they came out way way too light and fluffy. they also had a fairly prominent yeast taste.

I let the dough rise for about 2 hours...could that have caused my problem? After 2 hours, when I went o add in the pearl sugar, they dough "collapsed" when I mixed the sugar in (it was very light and airy)

I did use only 1 pack (1/4 oz) of yeast.


Erika 05.11.2008. 09:49
This is a much clearer recipe!!
Sorry I love your website its sweet literally!
I just got a waffle iron last night and I cant wait to use it!! Hehehehehe yum!

goska 11.12.2008. 03:13

could someone please give me a tip on how not to burn all the sugar on my waffles, by the time the waffle is cooked any sugar that has leaked out sticks to the iron and then burns and stinks - not good! (but the waffles are great!) help!!

Matt 15.12.2008. 18:31

Liege waffles (sugary waffles) are almost burnt on the outside when you get these from street vendors in Belgium, it sounds like you're doing everything right!

megan 20.12.2008. 08:08

The recipe calls for lukewarm water. So lukewarm is about 75 degrees correct? I wanted to confirm, because when I've worked with dry yeast in the past, the water needed to be 105-115 degrees.

Karen 01.02.2009. 21:01

Absolutly incredible. The receipe worked like a charm. Just went to Bruge
and had these waffles. Definitely a dessert
waffle by our standards! Kids will love them.

yo 08.02.2009. 08:29


jay 12.02.2009. 17:11

they were good but i didnt have time to let the yeast double but still good though i feel like i'm going to develop diabetes eating that much sugar

seemed like they would have been VERY good with ice cream

Kim 20.02.2009. 11:31

All the recipes I have tried have all come out a little bit too yeasty, I just can't seem to get the same flavour as the waffles I buy in Belgium- any ideas?
Also, they all seem to be too runny (all the recipes say 'pour the mixture' but in Belgium the waffles are round balls of the dough before they go into the irons- how come?

FX 01.03.2009. 17:59

I am a Belgian guy currently living in Pittsburgh PA and I am a BIG fan of Liege waffles. I am convinced that paradise is not worth the trip if they don't make proper Liege waffles there...

My wife (a great fearless cook among many other things) just tried your recipe and I must tell you they taste great! Gorgious!

My only suggestion would be to add a bit more sugar in the dough. I have tried Liege waffles in many (many) places in Belgium and they always taste a bit more sweet. The recipe is one of the best kept secrets in Belgium by the way (better kept for instance than the secret daughter of King Albert II... I know, fascinating stuff).

Thanks a million for this great culinary moment!

I must remember to share my granma galettes recipe with you. Not the most healthy of recipe but what the heck... I am sure she must be making some up there.

Waffleman 04.03.2009. 03:50

Hey FX, please do! Grandmas make the best food :)

laura 28.03.2009. 07:36

hey guys, i am half belgian and live in korea, cannot wait to make some waffles who taste like home!^^
but i have i question...could i freeze the dough before adding the pearl sugar so i can have it ready anytime?
and can i leave the dough rise overnight so that i can enjoy freshmade waffles the next morning as soon as i wake up?
should i do it between steps 2 and 3 or 3 and 4?
or if i make waffles the night before and i put them in the refrigerator, will they become hard?
thankyou so much and sorry for all those questions^^

Tanya 29.03.2009. 21:33

I can't wait to try these waffles. Just curious if the dough can be made ahead of time and if so what would you recommend? Also, how many waffles would this make?

Thanks alot!

michelle 30.03.2009. 01:43

I think freezing the dough is not a good idea, it's better to bake the waffles half way, then freeze them, and when you want them finish baking them.

laura 04.04.2009. 07:42

just wanted to tell you guys that i made the waffle the night before and cooked them the next morning...
absolutely superb!
in fact, i am about to make them again for my friends right now!
thank you guys so much!!!

Marianne 01.05.2009. 19:50

Where can I find pearl sugar?

Conuly 22.05.2009. 10:52

How many does this recipe make?

Amanda 30.05.2009. 10:16

I use to live in Belgium when I was 16 as an exchange student and I fell in love with the goffes (as they are called in Belgium) My host mom would make them from scratch and OMG they would melt in your mouth! I am happy I found this web-site so maybe I can bring back those old memories now that I am 25 and share them with my little girl.

Marlene 19.08.2009. 01:24

Belgium Pearl Sugar/ or Swedish pearl Sugar can be purchased at Whole Foods Markets in Oregon, or ordered from King Arthur Flour company on-line. I prefer to use both kinds of sugar in my waffles so that the big chunks of Belgium melt inside, and the small swedish Pearls stay on the outside. Best Recipe I have tasted to be like the ones in Belgium. If you use butter to coat the Iron before putting in they carmelize, if you use spray Pam they are dryer. Do not over cook them as they will dry out.I do not add the vanilla sugar, I use just plain granulated sugar in beginning yeast instructions. I'm Going to buy the Kitchen aide Pro Line Waffle maker now (it makes 2 at a time, and cooks more evenly.

Marlene 19.08.2009. 01:26

Can you make this recipe and leave the dough out on the counter all night to rise, or is that not a good idea because the dough has raw eggs in it?

GinaQ 25.08.2009. 01:00

Just back from Belgium with a suitcase full of Pear Sugar(the only sugar I've found close to Pear Sugar in the US was Amber Sugar from Balducci's)
I used to bring back frozen blocks of dough from Canada, so I know it can be quick frozen once mixed, but it must be cooked as soon as it is thawed.
The (translated) recipe on the box goes like this:

750g pastry flour
270g warm milk
70g yeast
3 eggs
2 egg yolks
dash salt
1/2pkg Vanilla Sugar (Dr.Oetker in baking section)
400g soft butter
500g Pearl Sugar (the whole box)

Mix everything except butter & sugar & let rest for 30 minutes.
Kneed in butter completely.
Kneed in sugar
Divide into 100g blocks to cook
makes 20 waffles

Ellie 14.09.2009. 17:31

Well, shoot, I asked how to make the crunchy sugary waffles on the Belgian waffle recipe page and now here it is. I wished I had known about the pearl sugar when I was in Belgium. I did use vanilla sugar there but was told I could buy it at Dean and Deluca's. I hope that is true or from Whole Foods. I will look for both sugars. They are called Gaufres in Brussels which I believe is french for waffles. They were scrumptious and served in so many different ways. I saw none with syrup on them. The dough was really thick though. I watched them make the waffles several times and they would just get a big spoonful or a handful of dough and throw it on the waffle iron. Not runny like most of our waffle recipes are like. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to try it.

ingrid heyrman 24.09.2009. 11:54

you can find the pearl sugar at
we are located in Vermont
To make vanilla sugar, take 2 lbs of granulated sugar
take 3 valilla beans, slit open and put the six halvs in the sugar in a jar
Leave the beans in the sugar but you can start use=ing within a month, the longer you leave the beans the stonger the aroma

Calle1978 08.10.2009. 06:32

I recently found pearl sugar at the Giant Eagle Market District grocery store in Pittsburgh, the same brand that they have on But it wasn't with the other sugars, it was in a small "Scandinavian" section near the other international items (British, French etcl....)
Perhaps some of your grocery stores have something similar???

My question. I love liege waffles, there's a restaurant here that makes the and we fell in love, I'd like to make the for an upcoming brunch but really don't want the expense of a waffle maker, nor do I have the space.
Has anyone tried making the as thick pancakes on a cast iron griddle perhaps??? Or under the broiler?
IF so please tell me how they turned out!!!!

dee 10.10.2009. 16:45

Can you use baking powder instead of yeast?

Bruno Mertes 21.10.2009. 23:45

Instead of vanilla I use natural almond extract , one bottle cap full. Enjoy .

goldie houston 01.11.2009. 20:58

Amazing recipe!

I substituded crushed sugar cubes of random sizes for the pearl sugar, and followed the rest of the recipe...the waffles were very good!

For the second batch I added vanilla extract and fresh lemon zest...This waffles were AMAZING!!!!.

This was my 3rd attempt at making waffles from different recipes, and by far the BEST!..Thank you!..

Rachel 14.11.2009. 12:57

I found Pearl Sugar at Ikea.

ChaoFang 12.12.2009. 07:53

Amazing recipe, I made at home yesterday, it tastes really good and almost as same as what I had in Antwerp 16 years ago. thanks for sharing !

9899 31.12.2009. 08:55

cant wait to try this recipe!

Marijke 16.01.2010. 12:43


This website lists many stores that sell pearl sugar:

If you do not live in or near any of these cities, try searching for a specialty Dutch or Scandinavian store or restaurant in your area. Also, some specialty baking shops will carry it. You can also order it online like from, for example.

There are a few different kinds, i.e. Swedish vs. Belgian pearl sugar. It is mostly a difference in size of the sugar pieces.

John O'Connor 21.01.2010. 22:51

Would you share the recipe for the unique gingerbread type topping used on these waffles? I can't wait to try it this weekend.

jan elgersma 23.01.2010. 19:43

Pearl sugar sells for about $4.00/lb at the website. I purchased 10lbs of the pearl sugar and was quite impressed with the size of the lumps. I made my 2nd recipe today as noted above but cut back from 5tbsp to 2tbsp of yeast. I dont know the deal with using 75 gr of yeast. That is an aweful lot of yeast for about 5 cups of flour. Lets see how they turn out. You can modify the recipe slightly if youre good at that kind of stuff. Belgium does keep it a secret so most of the recipes will be close. The main things is: DO THEY TASTE GOOD??? If YES, just keep using it!!!

John Elgersma 24.01.2010. 00:03

Recipe described was precise to ingredients common to the Liege waffle. The following modifications were made as follows:
instead of 70-75g of yeast, try 2 tbsp (30g). 70 gr of yeast is a lot of yeast for the amount of flour.
instead of just a dash of salt, use 1/8 tsp as the waffle tastes a bit flat otherwise.
Using 500g of pearl sugar saturates the entire waffle and makes it incredibly sweet to the point of feeling a little sick if you dare going for a second waffle. Try cutting back the amount to 300g or 1 1/2 cups of sugar. Your pearl sugar will last longer.
The butter taste is important so to substitute margarine is fine but use some butter extract or maple flavoring to bring out a nice flavor.
I was able to make an exact 20 waffles with this recipe. A nice quantity to have some on hand. Freezing them and reheating them in a microwave works well. This is an absolute KEEPER!!! BEWARE: Your waffle iron will turn into a gooey mess with butter and sugar everywhere.Happy cleaning!

Dori 01.02.2010. 12:20

FYI, while searching for a vendor to buy pearl sugar from, I found out the easiest place to find it is your local IKEA.

Just thought I'd pass this tidbit along. I saw the Bobby Flay "Throw Down" on Liege waffles last night, and now I feel compelled to try this out.

Mike 07.02.2010. 17:32

What kind of yeast do you use? We have 3 kinds at the store. RapidRise, ActiveDry, and bread machine yeast. Which do I use for this recipe? Just saw a show on food network on these and I have to make some!!!

Brian 08.02.2010. 08:29

For the mixing do you need to use your stand mixer? so does using less yeast work out ok like in the modification above? It does seem like a lot of yeast and pearl sugar.

brad 09.02.2010. 12:54

I just made these for the first time. I didn't have pearl sugar so I used turbinado sugar instead. I let the batter cure for an hour and it did double in size. I added a tablespoon of vanilla extract along with the sugar and greased the waffle iron with butter instead of Pam. They came out great. What most impressed me was their density. They held up well to Nutella, ice cream, and whipped cream without getting soggy. They were also wonderful to eat neat. I've never been to Belgium so I don't know what true Liege waffles taste like but these were so much better than anything I've ever had out of a box before. Well worth the effort.

Alanna 14.04.2010. 09:24

How many waffles does this recipe make???? I need at least seven waffles :)

Alanna 14.04.2010. 09:26

how many waffles does this recipe make??? i need at least 7 waffles!

c.c.keiser 17.04.2010. 21:25

The recipe makes between 12 to 14 depending on how big you make them.
The easy way to make pearl sugar is just run cube sugar through a nut grinder. It works just fine for these really great waffles.
I freeze any extra and plop them in a bagel toaster. IMO they taste even better toasted than they do fresh, but then I like them caramelized really dark and smothered with powdered sugar.
And yes, they are great with ice cream!

Someone above asked how to remove the caramelized sugar from the waffle iron while making them. Why the hell would you want too??
But it's rather easy if you want. Just place you next waffle dough onto of the stuff you want to remove.

c.c.keiser 18.04.2010. 20:59

We usually get 12 to 14 out of a patch.
I found an easy way to make "pearl" sugar. Run sugar cubes through a nut grinder. Works perfect!
You can soak up a lot of the caramelized butter/sugar from the waffle iron by placing the dough on it.
We usually have our waffles with powdered sugar, but they are very good with ice cream as well.

mary 11.05.2010. 09:44

What kind of flour? all purpose or bread flour? thank you very much

Cyni 27.05.2010. 17:05

Insanly delicious. I made my on pearl sugar by measuring out the sugar, moistening it with water and putting it in the oven to dry out. After,it cooled I crumbled it unto pearls. I used about 1 Tablespoon of vanilla, and a ton of cinnamon to make this decadent mosels. I would say this may not be a good thing. Simlply, because they were amazingly delicious.

jhggg 16.06.2010. 12:09

I really want to make these liege waffles as i tried them in Belgium but i can't find any pearl sugar anywhere in the uk. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE TO GET IT FROM

:) 22.06.2010. 23:51

i tried to reduce on the butter and turned out not buttery tasting.. but the texture was still good. it takes some skills for the toasting in my opinion.. any tips? the one im using is the sandwich griller-waffle maker..

wafflehead 22.06.2010. 23:56

i tried making the dough with much less butter and they turned out without buttery taste! :(

are the authetic liege waffles in belgium sticky batter type or doughballs? the waffles sold in my country are baked on doughballs..

any tips on how long to bake them for in those sandwich griller-waffle maker? i think this needs skills!

phil_boul 24.08.2010. 01:32

For those who are wanted to buy a waffle iron specially made for the Liege waffle, the best place to buy one is in Belgium and of course in Liege. Take a look on the producer's web site situated in Liege.
This company is specialized in waffle iron since 1983. Dedicated to profesionnal they are exporting the Liege waffle iron (and other special models like Brussels waffle iron) all over the world.
Enjoy Belgium Waffles.

WafflesinJapan 29.08.2010. 08:04

I just made these waffles here in Japan. They were very easy and turned out great from my first time. I have one of those sandwich grill/waffle irons and I just set a timer for 5 min. and they were just fine. I put some fresh strawberries on them and a little chocolate syrup and served them for dessert tonight and my family loved them. We've got a lot left over for tomorrow too! I'm planning on putting them in the toaster.
Thanks for the great recipe!

lay lay 31.08.2010. 00:05

I hope someone can please please please answer my question. I have made a few different batches of liege waffles. Im pretty sure I got it down, but the only problem is the yeast taste when they are done. It does not taste great AT ALL. Is there a way where I can avoid the yeast taste? It does not taste like a Euro snack I've had before. What am I doing wrong? and what kinda of yeast do I use?? I've tried active, and instant yeast. Can someone please help!

Al L 07.10.2010. 10:09

How long we can keep the mixed dough in the freezer/frige? I like to make lots of it and
take out at the time I like to cook it.

Anne Sims 05.12.2010. 23:37

The waffles are delicious, BUT cleaning the melted sugar is not a of fun!!! Every two or three cookings, I had to unplug and clean the waffle maker, then start anew. That said, I have no complaints regarding the ease of making the dough or the taste.

Caitlin L 09.12.2010. 18:24

What kind of waffle iron should you use for these waffles? Should you use a belgiam waffle maker or a regular one, or does it even matter?

Ariel Nunez 14.12.2010. 19:39

how many waffles does the recipe make?

Jack N 20.12.2010. 13:05

Do not use this recipe with an electric waffle maker!!! The pearl sugar doesn't completely fold into batter and they get carmelized and stuck to my non-stick waffle maker. It took me over an hour to clean. The result was tasty, but not worth the cleaning time.

Nadine 26.03.2011. 21:51

You can use that recipe with a electric waffle maker.
The problem is that the pearl sugar you used wasn't a Belgian pearl sugar made in Belgium but in Sweden...
The pearl sugar from Sweden does not sustain the high temperatures and melt, caramelized and mess up your waffle maker.
If it's not made in Belgium it's not real belgian pearl sugar!
After all, the point to use pearl sugar is to find bits of sugar in your Liege waffles.

I buy mine online at:
And I don't spend all afternoon to clean up
my waffle maker

mdbubba 23.05.2011. 19:27

Sanae 05.03.2012. 13:32

i absolutly love this recipe. But i have a question, does the dough not double if the butter is too hot??
and i used only 1/2 cup of melted butter but it turned out really good, thank you so much!!

Elaine 28.08.2012. 12:47

i just tried to make the waffle by your recipe.
but they are fail.
the dough is very oily, the butter can not be mixed in the dough.
i'm so sad......
what is the problem?
i would like to try again, can you give me more tip?

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