How To Make Waffles

So you want to learn how to make waffles? Well, you came to the right place :), this site is filled with different waffle recipes from the simple and basic waffle recipes to a bit more complicated recipes like the recipe for Belgian waffles. But don't worry, even the hardest and most complicated recipe is still pretty easy. Everyone can make delicious waffles right at home.

First thing you want to check is - do I have all the right waffle ingredients? Most of the time you will need some all purpose flour, sugar, baking powder and yeast, salt, eggs, milk, oil and butter.

Second thing you want to check is - do I have a waffle maker? Waffle maker is what gives waffles their shape, it makes those square indents that are just made to catch some syrup, chocolate or cream that you put on top of your waffles. Now if you don't have a waffle maker you can still make waffle batter and then bake it like you would bake pancakes. It will not be quite the same but it sure as hell beats having no waffles at all :)!.

Now lets learn how to make waffles!

You will need:
- 2 cups of all purpose flour,
- 2 teaspoons of baking powder,
- some salt (1/2 teaspoon),
- 2 teaspoons of sugar,
- 2 cups of milk,
- 2 eggs,
- and one tablespoon full of melted butter.
(note - this recipe doesn't use yeast, the ingredients we mentioned at the beginning were just some general things you want to have at home if you want to make waffles regularly)

1. Separate the egg whites from the yolk and beat them until they turn into white snow.

2. Mix all the milk, melted butter, sugar, and egg yolks into smaller bowl. Mix until the sugar dissolves. Put all the dry ingredients (all purpose flour, baking powder, salt) into a bigger bowl and pour in the wet stuff. Mix until most of the batter is nice and even but leave some lumps that will tell you that you did not mix too much.

3. Gently mix egg whites into the batter.

4. You are finished, all you need to do is to bake your waffles. Just put one cup of batter in the preheated iron waffle and close it. It should take about 2 minutes, but check you waffle maker for specific instructions.

...and this is how to make waffles :) Bon apetit!

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Halie 13.06.2008. 19:21

Nice and simple

Kevin A 23.06.2008. 15:23

This recipe is off the hook

Nikki 24.06.2008. 19:33

My waffles are never as good as they are when I buy them. They are more like pancakes. What am I doing wrong? :(

James R 05.08.2008. 08:37

I've just had the best waffles I've had in years!THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Nathan H 07.08.2008. 14:26

WOW that was fast

sophie 30.08.2008. 14:50

cool its my first time having waffles and they were great!

sharon 06.09.2008. 09:48

hey! how long can the mixture keep while refrigerated? =]

captain dave 10.09.2008. 12:41

I actually found this site by some accidental searching, but am glad I did! Awesome recipes and great instructions.

Captain Dave

Anna 14.09.2008. 15:30

I made these waffles with my waffle maker- they're simple but taste amazing :D

dinghis 20.09.2008. 12:46


elizabeth 24.09.2008. 16:32

None of these recipes seem to say how many waffles they make. We're going to be making waffles for 10 people, and I'd love to try one of these recipes, but I don't know how many batches to make!

Wingsmagee 14.10.2008. 00:22

Great recipe. Just a tip for everyone. Be sure to not try to skip the whipping of the egg whites. It's vital to to the recipes consistency to come out just right. I made 10 out of the batch with a double square waffle maker. Once again superb recipe I will play with it when it comes to making different flavored waffles. Yum yum. Thanks for the recipe.

kevin 22.10.2008. 11:49

I'm eating my waffle now, way better than bisquick.

lisa 24.10.2008. 22:40

I'm going to try this. Sounds like a winner.
I do have a general question, do I need to grease the iron before adding batter?

Danny 30.10.2008. 08:15

lisa: in my experience it depends on your waffle iron so just try it

Bryan and Jenny 02.11.2008. 07:07

We followed the recipe to a T and it turned out like dough, not batter. :-/

Nat 02.11.2008. 17:24

This recipe sounds good, I think I'm going to try it and like it.

Jane 18.11.2008. 08:45

do we need to wait for the batter to raise ??

haan 20.11.2008. 01:59

yum yum yum this is great!!!!!!!

Marce 26.11.2008. 09:04

Hi! I'm trying to make waffles that are hard enough to hold the in your hand but at the same time soft and crunchy, I've been trying for the last 2 weeks every recipe and all what i get is pancakes without air :(... any suggestions for me?... thanks for your help.

farah 09.12.2008. 06:56

yay i never knew how 2 make waffles but until now im happy:D moih
love u xoxo

Tania 09.12.2008. 20:45

Hi, I'm making waffles with my dad. I was just wondering how many servings come out of just one batch because it doesn't say it anywhere here. But, reading all those awesome comments, I think I'll try it anyways. :);):);):);):);):);):);):);):);):);):);):);):)THANKS!!!

John T 15.12.2008. 17:47

MMMMM''''MMMM...Good :)

ally 16.12.2008. 14:56

Separate the egg whites from the yolk and beat them until they turn into white snow.
i dnt get dat...u mean the shells...:|

Bakery Brat... 22.12.2008. 08:59

"Dough not batter" = yes, I am running into this problem too. Will beating the egg whites make the difference? Suggestions?

Ally - "Separate Egg whites from yoke" means taking the yellow part out of the the clear slimy part (aka egg white) of the egg. Let me see if I can explain the technique... read through before doing:

-Start with 2 empty small bowls.
-Gently put a crack in the egg shell.
-Once cracked, carefully open the shell just a little so the egg white runs out of the shell and drops into the first bowl - BUT try to keep the yellow yoke captured in 1/2 of the shell.

***If you crack the shell, and then hold the egg so it's vertical instead of horizantal, then gravity will do its part, spilling the whites and caputuring the yellow yoke.

-Once you have the yellow yoke in the egg shell without much white, then put the yoke in the second bowl.
- Take a whisking utensil and stir the egg whites so you get tons of little bubbles that look like white foam (aka snow). From the recipe it sounds like the more egg white foam the better.

I"m trying it this morning!

bakery brat 22.12.2008. 10:59

I just made these waffles - yum! Best recipe I have tried so far!

I also added to the dry ingredients:
1 Tbsn of Cinnamon
1/2 tspn of Nutmeg
1/8 tspn of Cloves

And when I added the egg whites, I also added chopped up dehydrated apples - Delish!

"Dough rather than batter":
I figured out the problem I was having... On all recipes, flour is generally measured as "sifted" amounts instead of "packed" amounts = which means that when measuring flour, you should fluff it up in the bag a few times before measuring in the cup. If you measure a packed amount rather than a sifted amount, then you will use way more flour than called for and it will make the recipe doughy instead of batter-like.


magma3637 22.12.2008. 23:49

this recipe is simpler. gonna try to do this too (",)y

callie and erika 23.12.2008. 18:18

Hear ye hear ye. Thay waffles are splendid. All ye I favor quote "ay",

Miranda 28.12.2008. 09:53

OMG, my mom just got a Texas shaped waffle maker for Christmas and i have been dying to make waffle with my dad.But he says it's to much work and we will make it some other time. with this recipe he finally came to his senses and said he would try THANKS!!=]] =]] =]] =]] =]] =]] =]] =]]...Okay so we made the waffles and I gotta say, DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! Thanks again for the recipe...

ben 29.12.2008. 04:24

A Texas shaped waffle maker :)? I would love to see a picture of the waffle that comes

Jacob 29.12.2008. 12:57

We didn't have any milk so we used egg nog!
Skipped the sugar and they are yummy!

yeast man 01.01.2009. 10:18

i wish it had yeast!!!!

sarah googleheimer 01.01.2009. 10:20

i i i i i i LOVE IT! yay waffles! they were soooooooooooooooooo good i just want to make them over and over again! (which i did and they were even better the second time!)

Homemaker 05.01.2009. 16:05

Ways to separate egg yolk from white (albumen):
1--tall, thin beakers with slotted lids can be found at household or grocery stores for this, break the egg contents into the lid and the white will drip through the slots into the beaker, with measure marks showing your quanitity.
2--Pour egg contents carefully in smallest glass measure cup with a spout. Put small bowl on counter to catch egg-white. Hold measure cup in one hand, rubber scraper in other hand. In same way as draining water off spaghetti pot using pot lid, use rubber scraper as 'cover' while you tip the cup slowly over your egg-white bowl. The white quickly easily pours through spout gap and into small bowl - no broken yolk.
3--Mom broke eggs in half clean with a sharp tap on the measure cup. With a bowl for the white below, she'd switch yolk from shell to shell.
4--As kids, once we could crack an eggshell one-handed, we emptied contents into a big serving spoon, tipping the spoon slightly side to side, as white easily separated and dripped into a waiting smaller bowl beneath. The yolk never broke.
5--With a small bowl under to catch egg-white, hold a double jigger shot glass in one hand, crack egg open over it and egg contents will pour in with yolk settling and white smoothly spilling over into your bowl.

sadut 09.01.2009. 04:59

yum yum yum this is great!!!!!!!

I try it

Secret Person, guess who is she? 12.01.2009. 02:54

My brother and I secretly made these waffles in my secret lab, nowbody knew that until the fourth day of making a waffle, my dad came back from work and, he smelled a super duper waffle. He followed until he saw a big lab full of secret weapons and more, he opened a small door, then he found me and my brother.

Callie 20.01.2009. 20:33

Hmm...I tried this recipe and mine turned out not good. Like pancakes in a wafflemaker. Maybe I didn't beat the eggs long enough??

Victoria 23.01.2009. 11:17

Loved the recepie!!! It is going to be a recepie that I use weekly. With two boys! Thanks so much.

Sydney 29.01.2009. 18:56

These were horrible!
I was really in the mood for waffles and these were gross.. at least my dog liked them!
I mixed everything together and cooked them but still bad..

waffle king 01.02.2009. 10:48

these waffles are AMAZING!!!!! i eat one hundred million of these waffles everyday!!!! everyone needs these waffles. they are the absolute BEST!!!

hate 25.02.2009. 11:41

rubbish waffle recipe never going to use the website again thanks alot for wasting my time making these waffles

egg beater 28.02.2009. 11:31

Yummy!! Great waffles!! The whole family loved them!!

My guess is that those who had waffles that did-not-turn-out-so-good didn't beat the egg whites long enough. It took me about 10 minutes to get the snow. Also, if the batter seems runny, just add tiny amounts of flour until you reach the desired consistency.

Rudy Meyer 28.02.2009. 17:29

No information on how to use my cast iron waffel maker, Do I use a open fire or oven??

Elise B. 01.03.2009. 14:56

I bought a Cuisinart waffle iron recently. The waffles are good but they are not of a uniform color on both sides; one side is a nice golden all over, but the other side is mottled (sort of brownish and whitish). Is that normal or should I have the waffle iron replaced?
Thank you for the information.

Waffle Iron 04.03.2009. 03:48

@Elise: both sides of the waffle iron should be equaly hot, if you think your waffles are paler on one side because they are not baked enught there is probably something wrong with the waffle iron.

But also... I think that the bottom side of the waffles could be baked better because the waffle batter spreads evenly across the waffle iron as you pour it, on the other side you press the top down. So maybe this could also be the reason..

Gar 07.03.2009. 03:30

Can you use a george forman grill??

Riley 12.04.2009. 12:15

How many do they make?

danielle 13.04.2009. 12:43

It tastes like mini donuts. sweeeeet

Kisha 15.04.2009. 12:10

This receipe is nice and simple. Made them with my 4yr old son. They came out great and taste even better!!!

Bryton Kominetsky 18.05.2009. 09:15

great waffles man

gan gan 19.05.2009. 10:14

These were truly amazing!
I've never made one like this!
Thanks for teaching me how to my my own homemade waffle, after I made my very own special homemade waffle,I began to have a awesome idea, I wanted to make a big store full of my delicious waffles!
And guess what?

I did not open a store.

><poop 24.05.2009. 02:42

nice and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Impromptu 24.05.2009. 04:57

Nothing really wrong with these waffles. Understand they will be denser than normal ones. I personally added 1 tablespoon of cinnamon to the recipe and kept forgetting to mix the sugar and water first. Also used cane sugar as for some reason I don't have normal sugar. End result.. crispy crunchy on the outside and a very golden brown soft and smooth on the inside. Yummy and I didn't need to add any toppings :D

Modar 15.06.2009. 13:59

sorry but i dont have a waffle maker can i still
make them [i want to try them]

hong 16.06.2009. 00:20

It was great recipe ^^
thank you so much.

Modar 16.06.2009. 02:57

i don't have a waffle maker and i don't know
how to cook the pancake will someone help me
and for how many ingredients i have to put to
make waffles for 5

Yojonaztan 20.06.2009. 14:15

Wow, these were seriously good. Almost as good as my mom's!!

abood 23.06.2009. 08:06

I never tried it before but from reading the comments they sound owsome:)

fob 23.06.2009. 19:08

hey what the hell do i do if i dont have waffle maker????? yeah did u think of that one???

esther 10.07.2009. 14:11

just made these waffles and they tasted absolutely amazing. thank you so much! great treat for the kids :)

Elizabeth 28.07.2009. 06:45

Sounds good, i'm going to try them..but i do have a question
for the first step, are you beating the egg WHITES or the YOLK?? i mean, it just says "beat them" and i dont really get what that's supposed to mean..hmm
i'm going to try them anyway and see how it turns out
thanks for the recipe!!

loves waffles 03.08.2009. 22:53

I LOVE waffles, and I just got a waffle maker. I've been wanting one for a while. I heard that they taste better made with pancake batter, so that is how I made them this morning. They were really bad, all thick and heavy, not at all light, fluffy and crispy how waffles are supposed to be. It's probably because of the batter, but it possibly could be because the waffle maker we got is really cheap. So I looked up waffle recipes, and this one looks really simple, but the reviews say it tastes good too. I think I am going to make waffles with this recipe tomorrow. I'll have to see how it goes... It seems like a good recipe and I'm hopeful and excited.

Kate 08.08.2009. 05:28

Mmh delicious. Never made waffles before but the recipe was simple n every one i make them they love them. Thank you

Phyl 08.08.2009. 09:25

The first lot stuck but I didn't grease the waffle plates. Next time I sprayed them and they did not stick but... they left a bitter aftertaste and they were soggy not crispy.
What did I do wrong?

CaptainSalisha 23.08.2009. 08:58

Hiya Phyl!
I'm just a forum wanderer so...
Um, I'm just venturing a guess, but maybe :

The spray leaves a bitter aftertaste,
Something went wrong in the recipe

As for soggyness, either, when you took them out they were stacked, therefore = No crispiness or, it's the waffle iron

Hope this helps!

aaa 23.08.2009. 18:32

thanks, they are sooo simple and mmmmmm' delicioussssss!! :p

zeina 25.08.2009. 07:56

soo cool much better the nmy moms waffles

crybaby 28.08.2009. 02:02

keep on doing this waffle recipe!!! awesome!!! a winner of all the waffle recipes. identical with restaurants quality.

ashley 01.09.2009. 10:56

yeah there is a heart shaped waffle maker at

Anna Brown 20.09.2009. 08:46


I really love that everyone takes the time out of their day to express their feelings about waffle's and what not. Im not alone anymore! Finally after all the years of hiding im passion for fluffy doughy delights, I'm finally understood. This is the best thing thats ever happened to me. Even better than winning the lottery, which i did. I feel like singing and danceing, and going to the store and getting fishnet stockings to let my inner diva reveal is beautiful sassy self. After all these years I finally have the corage to say I'm gay.

I hope these waffles don't make me fat.

Hayeligh 05.11.2009. 21:41

AWESOME ! Thanks Im only 11 and this was really easy to do !

siwan.rhys 14.11.2009. 05:31

why do we need to leave small lumps in the mixture?

NEJUM 22.11.2009. 03:33

Hello Hello - Love this recipe. I double the recipe and store some in a plastic bottle for the week and my son has waffles for breakfast before school.

So quick and easy! I have this site on my favorites and I just use this site for our family waffle recipe. ENJOY!

someone asked:

1. Beat what? The white of the egg to make it like fluffy snow. When you add the 'snow' into the mixture it makes it creamy - airy and fluffy. Use a mixer takes less than a minute - ITS LIKE MAGIC.

2. mix it so it has bubbles - otherwise it will be very chewy

abdulmalik Elghedafi 27.11.2009. 13:56

how much does the waffle machine cost

Claudia 28.11.2009. 10:17

AWESOME! My family loves it whenever I make it.IT RULES!!

cutie 16.01.2010. 00:53

cool waffles

Captain Dreadnot! 17.01.2010. 12:31 sounds good, almost like cake. The problem is it doesn't say how many it makes. Sound good, sounds good, must try!

Merissa 18.01.2010. 10:05

Im making these waffles right now!! After reading all of the positive reviews hopefully mine will come out the same! :)

alex 23.01.2010. 09:25

my waffles are great thanks (:

Charlie 21.02.2010. 10:20

Question; Someone commented above that they used dehyrdrated apples with cinnamon. I was wondering If I could use fresh apples sliced into small cubes or frozen blueberries even.


Jon 02.03.2010. 12:38

This recipe is awesome...I forgot to spray the waffle iron the first time around!

parry grip 10.03.2010. 10:12

I love these waffles

mr. waffle 10.03.2010. 13:21

im eating sexy waffles right now

athena101 14.03.2010. 12:56

it is really good instructions i rated 10.

Cookchcuk 17.04.2010. 13:53

Virgin to Waffles.....Not no more!
This recipe was easy, quick and TASTY. Great recipe for the first timer. Just follow the directions exactly and badda bing, badda bam, you got great waffles!

Clean sucks mind you....but worth the effort.

Rubyeti 18.04.2010. 14:58

The waffles were really good (I added 1 tsp of vanilla and 1 tsp of ground cinnamon)! The kids loved them!! Will do again!
(Btw, it was our first time using our waffle maker and the 1st one stayed stuck to the sides...after cleaning it, we put a bit of cooking spray on both sides and it was people do this every time or is it just a matter of waiting to be sure it is fully cooked and you don't need cooking spray or oil??).

Vodkaslur 27.04.2010. 08:31

Really niiice but a tiny bit too 'eggy' tasty .. not enough sugar as well for dessert waffles but otherwise YUMMYYY .. I added some vanilla seeds as well xx

waffles 12.05.2010. 13:30

waffles are tasty ☺

john doe 23.05.2010. 02:54


very nice recipe!!!!!

very nice website!!!!

sara 16.06.2010. 09:50

hi guyz i was wondering in case that i dont have the waffles maker is it possible to do it on a pan thx guyyyzzz ....

waffle critic 29.06.2010. 09:26

WAFFLES TASTE LIKE MONKEYS :)(good monkeys !)so yea there VERY good waffles :D

tarnnie 10.07.2010. 08:46

going to try to make them today and will get back to you :)

ball 11.07.2010. 10:55

howmdo you separate the egg whites from the yolk unless you boil them until they harden???

Asma 12.07.2010. 09:00

nice recipe of waffles but there is something missing
don't forget to add vanilla :)

king 17.07.2010. 06:25

gr8 recipe man very simple and useful. but how to the waffles turn out when u don't have a waffle maker. and how do u get the lumps of suger in them cus i can never get them in my waffles. awesome... thanks

Anoymous 29.07.2010. 17:56

Thank You ! My Waffle easily break but with your recipe,it works .Thanks !

pipper 30.07.2010. 15:37

how many do they make?

hailey 07.08.2010. 07:39

it was simple 2 make but it didnt have much taste

TPinATL 07.08.2010. 08:42

THanks for posting the recipe but was disappointed. THe waffles were very chewy and heavy....not what we were looking for.

Brigitte 13.08.2010. 20:31

Hi, I have just picked up my first waffle maker at the op shop, excellent cond, nice and clean, non-stick, old but 'solid'. Haven't made any, but glad I found your site and all the tips. Look forward to these later tonight... Read the comments, most of them all for the recipe, but disappointed with how rude some people are when they are no doubt not following the recipe probably. So, I will get back to you tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Even if I butcher them, it will be something I do wrong I reckon. Cool website, made my day finding it. Cheers :-)

Josh 15.08.2010. 03:54

Can someone who has made waffles using this recipe please tell me how much this recipe makes!
Thanks :)

Justin 19.08.2010. 11:33

Nice waffles! It was fast and simple. I'm glad I pulled up this website! Thank you so much for the great waffle instructions.

alex 20.08.2010. 07:04

great repicie use it all the time they taste great
allong with milkshake :)

Nobe and Titi 07.10.2010. 11:04

We did it yeep,nice and perfect no more going out for a waffle

BenJoe 10.10.2010. 09:47

This makes 8 to 10 waffles in standard waffle maker.

For you that got pancake like waffles, go back and read the instructions and follow it. Do not just stick everything in a bowl and mix. Cooking is a science and there are reasons we mix things seperatly. If you have a mixer put the egg whites in there and mix until they are bubbles.

For some fun I added lime and lemon juice and it gave it a great flavor.

jgarsenal99 23.10.2010. 03:12

how many waffles does it make

irishcream 25.10.2010. 13:12

Followed recipe exactly. Waffles tasted like bland dough. The recipe made 4 large waffles. They cooked up nice and golden and rose properly. I think despite the extensive egg white beating, this is a heavy waffle recipe.

joy 27.10.2010. 07:18

I love waffle....I'll try to cook it tomorrow and I'll get back to you for the result..Thanks for the recipe ,very simple..

Ashlee 05.11.2010. 11:32

I halved the recipe and made two batches in my new waffle maker. I decided to add a splash of vanilla and I'm satisfied with the golden results! :) Very easy to memorize recipe too! Thanks

right 17.11.2010. 09:00

well from my own i made some waffles and they were horrible :( but from this they were awesum

HVS 07.12.2010. 15:55

Do i use an electric mixer or mix the egg whites by hand for a long time until theyre snowy?


weiling GaN 11.12.2010. 10:46

adorable!i love waffles sooo much!!

Rose 12.12.2010. 17:26

I do not have an iron waffle is it okay if i do it on a pan?

Dog 13.12.2010. 07:24

@Rose: real waffles need waffle iron. If you just want some sort of pancakes then you can try with a pan.

Dog 13.12.2010. 07:25

@HVS: whatever. Use electric mixer because it's faster :)!

Luga 20.12.2010. 12:20

well that was easy
mine turned out great

but i thought waffles were made out if potato

Ashley 23.12.2010. 07:59

These waffles were so good. I loved them. My whole emtire family loved them! :) But there's one problem. :-/ The waffles were'nt crisp. My family likes crunchy waffles. I reccomend you pu some oil in it if you like crunchy waffles. But everything else was awesome! :)

DP 26.12.2010. 11:50

Bout to try the recipe out to test a wafflemaker I got a few weeks ago.

Tip: separating egg whites doesn't require nearly as much effort as some have suggested on here. The way I've always done it is Customer cracking it into my hand and letting the whites slip in between my fingers. If you're extremely paranoid about using your hands, then you can crack it in half and pass the yolk between the two halves like I've seen chefs do when they didn't want to risk cross contamination.

Anna 06.01.2011. 02:11

Hi Im English and just bought a waffle maker but your american measurements are confusing to us brits so can you help me out please
1. what is "all purpose" flour we use plain or self raising, self raising has a raising agent added, plain is just ordinary, we normally use self raising for cakes etc.
2. how much is a cup of flour when weighed? we use ounces or grams
3. how much is a cup of milk in liters?
Can I just use any old cup and measure all the ingredients out like that?
I dont want to attempt this recipe without knowing what im doing as it could go wrong? Many thanks

Ben 06.01.2011. 04:15

Hi Anna, all purpose flour is plain flour without any raising agents. All purpose means that it is appropriate for any kind of use...this is the most ordinary flour you can find. It's not just raising agent that makes flour "not all purpose". It is also the way it is ground - some types of flour are better for bread, some are better for cakes etc... all purpose is ok for anything.

As for 2. and 3. try this site for instance:

I usually just use a medium sized cup and go by the feel and it works out...

Anjana christy 14.01.2011. 10:20

thankyou simple and nice

Elizabeth 16.01.2011. 08:50

They were nicely brown and fluffy...great texture. Might put a touch of vanilla in next time around. My kids and I loved them. In fact, they were easy enough for my 9 year old to make them (with a little instruction from mom).

yerboii 17.01.2011. 00:45

thanks soo much 4 the recipe

MEBO 27.01.2011. 10:40

I followed the recipe and they came out looking great but they weren't the best tasting waffles...i've definitely had better, i think these were decend but they need a little more flavor, they just tasted like the metal waffle machine..

waffle enthusiast x 2 27.01.2011. 21:05

As waffle enthusiasts- we live for waffles. We cannot survive without our 'daily fix'. However, this waffles disappointed us beyond imagination. Our tastebuds dismayed, our faces screwed into expressions of disgust, these truly were the worst waffles we have ever tasted. Shame on you. In our waffle lab we usually add coconut, just to bind the ingredients. We feel this would greatly improve this recipe. May the force be with you... over and out.

pp 02.02.2011. 06:53

i need to learn how to make waffles .... wanna impress this really awesome girl.... hope it works.

Jaycee G 03.02.2011. 23:16

I really like waffles. They are really good and soft and fluffy. I eat waffles not very often but i love them I wish if I wasnt so young I would go make me some waffes right now but there are really good but I wish my parents would make them more often because there so good. All I have to say is that they are so ggggggggooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd that I could eat them for breakfast lunch aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd dinner

stephni 18.02.2011. 06:29

this waffle was awesome thanx

Molly 19.02.2011. 14:58

Hey they sound great, but my brother is allergic to egg, do you know a way with to make them with out egg??

meeeeexx 26.02.2011. 03:35

i love waffles!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol sorry n if ur still strugglin seperate the egg white n egg yoke crack the egg into ur hand coz thn the egg white slipps through ur fingers n u dun get any left behind, u hands get messy but it worth it wen the waffles cum out :D :):):):):) xxx

jc 28.02.2011. 03:09


channon 28.02.2011. 10:48

how many waffles does this recipe make??

Lizzie 27.03.2011. 03:59

How many does this make?

nikki 16.04.2011. 17:25

im about to try this, i have made and cooked them before but i used doughnuts mix,and you just add water to that. but in your ingredients you say oil, but them no mention, do you add the oil to the recipe or to grease the waffle maker? i have looked up another recipe and it similar to yours,but uses 1 3/4 cups instead of 2,and adds 1/2 cup of oil to it.
what would you say is best?il probably end up making to batches to see whats different in them. and defiantly add cinnamon,just a bit for flavour and vanilla.

Anonymous 17.04.2011. 03:58

how much waffles
awesome though

Willy 19.04.2011. 21:50

I am glad I found this site. It gives me a starting point and a recipe that's easy to begin with. I have seen a lot of complaints and questions. I will start with following the recipe to a T and then make my adjustments from there. You need to experiment people, not all irons are the same as are taste-buds. If I feel I come up with any good tweak to this I will pass it on later!

trenten 25.04.2011. 14:58

they make like 7 or 8 for me but i just threw everything together and did not separate anything and they turned out fine,also i mixed the batter very well so i will use this again.

Anoyanous 14.05.2011. 21:09

This helped~ You rock, man.

Gert 30.06.2011. 14:16

I don't have a waffel maker will it work in a pan if you use a small enough pan and just flip it please i'm a huge waffel fan:)

ella 19.07.2011. 18:14

this recipe is so good we had 3 times in a row

drama queen 21.09.2011. 05:42

nice waffle recipe you got there.... i like it... very much

Monica Yoo 27.09.2011. 15:45

this looks awesome!

bluashley 29.09.2011. 19:43

My mom just bought a waffle maker, and I have no idea how to make waffles, but thanks to this website now I know.:)

DHVS 13.10.2011. 07:42

I like waffles.

Laraine Anne Barker 18.10.2011. 23:57

You're all making me hungry. I've actually been thinking about buying a second-hand waffle maker; they are too expensive new. I use what we call "high grade" flour for everything, even making bread. The one that's meant for cakes (and which I never bother with) is called "standard" flour here in New Zealand. I never use self-raising flour. I don't like the taste of the raising agent used in it.

yvette 05.11.2011. 19:29

I shall try! (:

Erik 13.11.2011. 10:44

Not but, but not great. Easier recipe:

Don't bother beating or separating the eggs, I don't find it makes a lick of difference.

Melted butter or veg oil, doesn't matter. One is a lot less work.

Don't bother with the sugar, use 2 tablespoons of vanilla instead.

And, if u care, u can sub the reg flour for whole wheat.

And whammo, way less dishes to clean and your arm doesn't get sore from whipping those stupid eggs.


loves to eat 23.12.2011. 08:41

waffles taste like heaven!

Charlotte 27.12.2011. 06:27

How many waffles does this recipe make.x

CuriousCook 05.01.2012. 02:36

If we don't have waffle machine what do we use ?

Rach Craig 16.01.2012. 13:59

Really nice, we added more sugar though, this was our first waffle. made a mess :) Add nutella!
Cheers. x

Kasie 28.02.2012. 12:18

These cooked beautifully in my waffle iron, but keep in mind they are very dense. I made half a batch for my son and I, and it made 4 squares. I have a double square iron.
Tasted ok but like other users have mentioned they have a bitter aftertaste, I think it's from the baking powder, make sure you sift the dry ingredients together very well before adding the wet ingredients. I also added about a tsp of sugar to the eggs white, like a meringue, to make them a little sweeter. Next time I will try to add some vanilla extract to add a little more flavor.

Miss Curious 19.03.2012. 05:54

hmmm is the All purpose flour original flour and is the milk fresh milk ? need help :(

Waffleman 19.03.2012. 11:19

Milk is fresh milk and all purpose flour is just ordinary flour that does not have any raising agent inside...

Sanchez Karina 27.04.2012. 07:29

Tania, I thought I was the only one who did not know how to make waffles!

Rose 15.07.2012. 06:34

This very easy, thank you...

hjf 17.08.2012. 10:56

How many waffles does this make

Greek Girl 21.08.2012. 09:08

amazing!!I know that in england and america they many waffles so i searched in engilish and got hear...i tried the waffles and I was like;OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG but whats the logic too put all the ''dry'' ingridients in an other bowl and then put then add them to the other if it will be the same if I won't use the bowl =//

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