Homemade Waffle Recipe

Well, this is kind of lame but we are running out of titles for different waffle recipes. All waffle recipes on this site are ready to be made at home, but lets call this one the homemade waffle recipe. Partly because is one of the easiest recipes and partly because we like the way it sounds :).

Homemade Waffle Recipe

For this Homemade Waffle recipe we will need:

3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup cornstarch - huh, now when we think of it, we could also call it the cornstarch waffle recipe
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt (or a bit less)
1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
1 cup whole milk or buttermilk
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 egg
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

OK, got everything? We will be also needing a bowl in which we will mix the flour flour, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Mix all the dry stuff well. Then add the milk, vegetable oil, egg, sugar and vanilla and again - mix well.

This is the hardest part if you are hungry :) - let the homemade waffle batter sit for 30 like minutes. Yikes! You can turn on and preheat the waffle iron while you are waiting.

Bake the homemade waffles like the directions on your waffle iron tell you to and you are done. Bon apetit and enjoy this homemade waffle recipe.

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06.05.2008. 06:58


RButcher 11.05.2008. 09:56

Great Recipe! Mmmm yummie!

Ray 07.06.2008. 00:15

Sounds good.

erik 07.06.2008. 07:10

These turned out to be deep fried waffles - not my 1st choice. So much oil in the batter that syrup doesn't penetrate the end product. I recommend skipping the oil. Double the recipe to get more than a personal serving.

crystal 31.08.2008. 08:45

They do seem like they're deep fried. Not my favorite either.

RonnieK 09.10.2008. 01:21

Superb plain waffle; made exactly as suggested, and turned out better than anything I have bought in many years of rapacious waffle-hunting. Easily enough for two hungry piglets (once cream and syrup are added liberally). Used Canola oil, and I didn't have any oil problem in my case.

Mark 01.11.2008. 09:16

Just made the recipe as recommended (we used half milk/buttermilk since that was what was in the fridge)and I have to say these are the best waffles I have ever eaten! We are a family of four so we doubled the recipe and had a little extra.

anonymous 28.12.2008. 10:41

i dont wanna wait 30 minutes !! :O

anonymous 11.01.2009. 12:35

how many does this yield???

diana 21.01.2009. 21:12

nice recipe

Maria 27.01.2009. 05:43

I will certainly will try this recipe!
I search for healthier foods...that's why I prefer to prepare the waffles myself at home if possible...
I'll try a mix of white and whole wheat flour and unrefined sugarcane or some natural syrup.
Which type of oil could be good for this recipe? Sunflower oil? (its taste it's not too strong).
Baking soda is the same than sodium bicarbonate used for cooking?
Thanks in advance!

Maria 27.01.2009. 05:48

Is baking soda the same as sodium bicarbonate for cooking?

danny 28.01.2009. 02:08

maria, it's the same, I think it's even the same as baking powder...I mean it has the same effect..
I always use sunflower oil.

Sam 13.02.2009. 10:42

Hey, just trying out the recipe now.. not waiting 30 minutes though only 15... we'll see how it turns out. So far.. it seems to runny and ran out of my waffle maker.... they are thinner than any waffles i've made but that could be because i only waited 15 min?. Nice golden brown. and now for taste... I only used 1/4 cup oil.. but you can definatley taste the "deep fried" taste. They are alright. But if you want a good hearty crispy waffle i recommend the work and make a belgian.

Whitney 25.02.2009. 07:06

It was wonderful, when it enters your moth the waffle just melts..... It is great thanks guys...

lotus 02.03.2009. 04:30

baking powder and baking soda are not the same, so don't use 3/4 either baking powder or soda or your waffles will taste like pretzels, but not salty or crisp (one to avoid, I think).

By the way, thanks very much for the site, oh Waffle People of Internet Land. Very tasty!

Keith Neubauer 09.04.2009. 21:57

OMG - I made these waffles hoping to find something a little different than that "Bisquick" recipe. I actually had all of the ingredients in the cubbard. I doubled it since I was cooking for 6 (we had kids sleeping over). This was the first time every waffle was consumed. Like every parent who cooks, we get to eat last. So, while hearing all of these wonderful comments about my waffles, I had to take a little bite of my kids. They were awesome! I made these last Saturday..... I am making them again tomorrow. Once you've tried these waffles you will never again visit the baking isle and purchase "Bisquick" again.
Cheers to the waffle recipe inventor. My hats is off to you :-).


Dave 16.05.2009. 11:25

These were pretty good, I didn't let them sit for 30 minutes, but cooked a little longer, they were great!

sarah 25.05.2009. 09:48

I had the same great experience Keith had.
I had my mom and sister and her baby sleep over plus my three kids and me!
I searched for a recipe and chose this one because it seemed like a classic recipe.
We let it set for the entire 30 minutes and they turned out delicious.
Today, I am trying it again, but I ran out of enough flour and am substituting more corn starch in it's place. So, it's reversed: 3/4 c corn starch and 1/4 c flour. I hope they turn out. Right now I'm waiting the 30 minutes. The batter is super runny right now.

David V 21.06.2009. 07:41

This recipe makes 8 waffles in my machine when tripled. WARNING: When doubling or tripling, use less baking soda for every part. These are worth waiting for!! One of the best recipes I've ever had! Excellent with real Maple Syrup and strawberries!!

natz 04.07.2009. 20:42


Hafila 31.08.2009. 21:39

We all just consumed it....and LOVED it! It was not only easy to make but so delicious. I followed the recipe exactly (just double the amount)and it was like eating cake. Thank you so much!

Esta 01.09.2009. 12:15

I doubled the recipe & didn't use exact measurements. I rounded the flour up to approx. 2 cups (I used whole wheat). I also used Olive Oil.
Batter was somewhat thick :)
Turned out really really good!!

Nancy 24.10.2009. 11:53

I made these this morning and they turned out GREAT! I did wait the 30 minutes and they came out fluffy and moist. The family loved them and I'll be making them again for sure! =)

Virginia 31.10.2009. 06:33

I love my waffles extra crispy. Without the cornstarch a waffle is limp, I might as well have eaten a biscuit. The portion is just enough for 4 waffles, more than enough. Thank you!

Kurt 08.11.2009. 08:18

Awesome waffles thanks for the recipe. I also freeze them between wax paper,and then toast them.

Arabella 24.01.2010. 12:43

No one has said they used soy milk instead of whole milk or buttermilk. We only use soy milk and wonder if this will work.

maddy 31.01.2010. 07:35

cannot wait doubling the recipe for family of four

Jean-Mike 26.03.2010. 12:43

Hi from France ! Did it without baking soda , was missing in my kitchen . Next time i'll try with less oil , and try also with butter and let you know . Anyway they were very good . I topped them with some "sucre glace" (very thin white sugar) . Many thanks for this nice web site.
Bon app├ętit tout le monde !

limp waffles for breakfast :( 05.05.2010. 02:05

mine were not so amazing, they were limp and not fluffly... :(
next time ill try the belgian recipe..
i did wait 30 min, could something have gone wrong with the soda? i used sodium bcorbonat..

Donna 18.12.2010. 18:58

Will be making this on Christmas morning. The waffle maker is a gift. Can't wait...will report how they are. Merry Christmas everyone.

Barb294 18.01.2011. 10:45

Really love these, nice and fluffy.

Annette 30.01.2011. 10:08

These were delicious! I'm very glad I stumbled upon this site before making them! I didn't wait the full 30 minutes. I think it really just depends on the waffle maker.

Stuart 03.01.2012. 21:35

Just made these with the new Christmas present waffle maker. The first one I made was a little limp, but set to slightly darker, the next one was nice and crisp. Just like a waffle should be. So much easier than the other recipes where you have to seperate the eggs and then fold the whites back in.

Sally 04.02.2012. 10:12

We love these! So much easier than whipping the egg whites but just as fluffy. Also very versatile. I sometimes add raw wheat germ or flax seed and switch around the flours. Makes exactly 3 Belgian size waffles,

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