Easy Waffle Recipe

So you want to make some waffle in the comfort of your own home? This is yet another tasty, yummy and easy waffle recipe that leaves you with a plafe full of very tasty, crispy and light waffles.

Easy, easier, making waffles. Cool think about waffles is the you do not need any special, hard to get, order from Japan, secret ingredient. You probably have everything you need right at home this very moment. Just follow this easy waffle recipe and start cooking :)

Easy Waffle Recipe

What do we need? We need 2 cups of all purpose flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, some salt, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 cups of warm milk, 2 eggs (separate the whites from the yolk) and one tablespoon full of melted butter.

How to make yummy waffles from this easy waffle recipe:
Step 1: This is called waffle planing ahead. First you start your waffle iron, ladies and gentlemen start you iron waffle makers :). This will be a lifesaver later, when you will be stuffing yourself with tasty waffles instead of standing with a cup full of waffle batter in front of the cold waffle iron.

Step 2: Take egg whites and beat them until you get nice and smooth snow.

Step 3: Take a bowl and mix in all the milk, melted butter, sugar, and egg yolks so the sugar dissolves. Now take a bigger bowl and put in all the dry ingredients - 2 cups of all purpose flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, and some salt. Then add the wet ingredients from the first bowl mix. Our readers recommended that you stop mixing while you still have some lumps in the batter so you don't overmix it and make a batter that is to tight.

Step 4: Now add the egg whites and gently mix them in. Stop! Enough mixing. You are finished!

Step 5: Put one cup of batter in the preheated iron waffle and close it. Yes we are hungry too, but it will take only 2 minutes. Yes!!!! Waffles are ready! Leave them on a tray to cool down and then enjoy! We know we will. If you follow this easy waffle recipe you will get around 12 waffles.

Now if you are really busy you can make some waffle batter and leave it in your refrigerator. So when you get hungry all you need to do is add some milk, since the batter will probably be a little thick and stir it a little.

We hope you enjoyed your waffles and this easy waffle recipe.

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20.09.2007. 08:38


waffle man 23.09.2007. 13:31

Waffle yeah! We'll take home made waffles over frozen ones from the shop any day :) True, you can't quite compare just plain ol' waffles with multi grain and chocolate waffles, but we are getting to more complex recipes in a while :) Anyway, enjoy your waffles, homemade or frozen!

Esther 04.01.2008. 08:37

You can simply add chocolate chips to the batter. I do that with all recipes and don't even need syrup!

Waffle Man 07.01.2008. 04:48

Thanks for the tip Esther! :)

saira 14.01.2008. 07:30

Can I skip the sugar and use a sweetener instead ? I'm diabetic.

Waffle Man 15.01.2008. 03:39

Sure saira, you can skip sugar completely.

susan 20.01.2008. 10:21

I think 1/2 tablespoon salt is a bit much.....it tasted more like a pretzel than a waffle... otherwise good

Waffle Man 20.01.2008. 14:00

Hey susan, you're right and we wouldn't want to give anyone high blood pressure :). Thanks!

Anthony 22.01.2008. 22:16

A good substitute for sugar is splenda. My brothers diabetic and we use that instead. In my own opinion, it tastes exactly the same.

leonardo 27.01.2008. 13:51

I find 2 eggs a bit to eggee also 1/2 tsp salt is a bit much, otherwise fine when done well(crispy edges)

Waffle Man 28.01.2008. 03:08

Agree on the salt, it's fixed now, just add a little for the taste. As for the eggs it depends, there are some waffle recipes that require 5 eggs!!

Dawn 06.02.2008. 23:52

YUM...Delicious! I added a bit of vanilla extract for some colour :D

mom_w2kids 10.02.2008. 18:20

I tried this recipe and loved it. I made it with chocolate chips and a batch with blueberrys. They were so good. Thank you for the recipe.

Jen 01.05.2008. 06:25

Question: how much do I whip the eggs? Until foamy; soft peaks; hard peaks?

Andiqa 13.05.2008. 09:58

Thank you for this recipe.
I got a waffle maker from my sister, she is moving overseas.
This morning was the first time, that I made my own waffles. It was great!

Waffle 17.07.2008. 12:33

I just made these waffles because i really wanted some nice waffles, and i made them and they ended up tasting the *^&%ing bull@#$%. Seriously they taste terrible, im sorry but waffle-recipe.com should have better recipe's. This is my constructive criticism for the day, and i apologize it had to be on your miraculous site.

Melissa 10.08.2008. 09:06

Wow Waffle on 17.07.2008 - I don't know what happened to your waffles but this is the 2nd time I've made waffles using this recipe and my husband and I like them a LOT! Only thing is for some reason I got 6 waffles instead of 12. Maybe our waffle iron makes huge waffles? We had 2 each topped with homemade applesauce, other fruit, etc., and were stuffed!

jess laura 01.11.2008. 14:54

i dont like sepreating the the wite from the egg. COME ON GUYS WE KNOW BETTER THAN THIS

Shaina 18.11.2008. 12:01

How about some simple and fun to make recipes incorporating waffles? Like creative waffle toppings or a pizza with your waffle as a crust? If you want to experiment this way, keep Van's Waffles in mind - free of preservatives and trans fat, there are options from organic to low fat to Belgian and multigrain to work with. More info at www.vansfoods.com. Happy cooking! -Shaina with the team at Van's Waffles :)

Toby Brash 11.12.2008. 17:58

Hello WAFFLEMAN... I am a damsel in distress and require your ASSISTANCE ;). HOW MANY WAFFLES WOULD THIS MIXTURE CREATE?

TOM 11.12.2008. 18:01


Tessa 23.12.2008. 23:13

Hey waffle man
great recipe im 11 years old and i made them all by myself
but i just got to say the instructions are very CHEESY!
i mean seriously man "Stop"
and "you can stop mixing" and "YES!!!!!"
It sounds so stupid.
no offence

well Merry Christmas!

P.S. I think i should change the instrcutions

Mac 29.12.2008. 03:39

Learn to use correct grammar and spelling (instead of the already over-cliche lower case "i"), and then go around correcting the creative writing abilities of others.

Jon 03.01.2009. 05:55

American recipes never work (how very much like life). I'm off to find something authentic that doesn't come out like badly made bread.

Rita Vella 07.01.2009. 07:33

waffles aren't that popular here in Malta. I am not a fan of frozen foods cause I like to know what is it that I am really eating. I was given a waffle iron for christmas but the problem was that I didn't have a recipe and I found this site by mistake. I will try these for tomorrow. 10x waffle man and god bless

Katrina 14.02.2009. 07:55

I don't know if it's my waffle iron or what - but the waffles are coming out very rubbery.

crystal 16.02.2009. 06:21

i wanted to make my kids waffles this morning and this recipe was so easy. i am currently on a diet so i didn't taste them but i asked my four kids (who are 7 and 9 year old girls and 13 and 14 year old boys) they all said the recipe was a keeper. must be pretty darn good if all four of them liked it.

=D 21.02.2009. 11:57

Kay um the person who corrected Tessa on her grammer... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!
She's 11 smart one...
im thirteen and i (oh no i put a lowercase i!!!) Anyways i totally agree with her!! the whole "what do we need?" junk... Like seriously stupid. you could always just put it in a list and make it much easier and no one would think your a loser... just to let you know. I wanted to make waffles so i just kinda came on here to find a recipee and im bored so i decided to read comments cuz im just THAT cool.
Plus i find it weird that theres a waffle-recipe.com like could you get any less creative??

Aleigh 24.02.2009. 17:45

Tessa and "=D" can anyone say RUDE, were you raised with any polite manners???

Sean 01.03.2009. 08:17

The Easy Waffle Mix makes an awesome batter. I like a waffle to be a little sweeter so I added a little brown sugar to the mix. They turned out Great. ALSO: Dont mix the batter to smooth; my first batch turned out a little too thick and pasty. Thanks for the great recipe

nonya 14.03.2009. 12:03

RE: Aleigh
why do you have to comment about being rude, and disrepecting a little girl over how someone words their recipe? I feel like it is a little rediculous too, and wastes time.

Tessa 10.04.2009. 15:16

hi i made the waffles last weekend and they were great

Beth 12.04.2009. 01:59

You say to add the melted butter but you havn't written how much to put in!

wow 24.04.2009. 07:36

We'll i'll be sure to try the recipe out, seems like it works great. To the 11 and 13 year olds though - if you don't like the way someone has set up their site there's a little exit button at the top of your screen. This may be someones hobby, but you're just to old to allow someone else to try and make their site a little more fun

Shannon 26.05.2009. 12:57

These are the best frickin waffles I've ever had. For real.

Jan 11.06.2009. 00:45

Gretta's Buttermilk Waffle Batter
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tbs sugar or splenda
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs beaten
2 cups buttermilk
2 tbs oil
optional - 1/4 cup chopped nuts, berries, chocolate chips or bacon bits.
Mix all dry ingresients. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir just until mixed.
Makes 8 large waffles

Jo 27.08.2009. 11:48

Wow, Tessa and =)... idiots. No wonder people don't take youth seriously anymore. I believe the person who corrected Tessa's grammar was right on--you can't critique someone else's writing when you can't even write yourself! Such foolish children. Learn to speak properly, then come play with the grownups.

Autumn 16.09.2009. 15:31

I wonder if these recipes are any good . well i guess i will find out soon. bye Autumn

Ali 14.10.2009. 13:44

wow! kids these days.. lol. i guess parents just gave up on teaching their children manners.

rob james 22.10.2009. 04:34

i want waffles! but live in England and the only irons we have take the creases out of clothing, not make delicious waffles!
ok so ive decided to try and use a toastie maker is basically the same thing, a contact grill! ok which flour is all purpose- we have plain flour, self raising flour....
stupid question the self raising already contains a raising agent ergo cannot be for general use! anyways i'm off to eat waffles (hopefully) and drink tea!

Gene M 24.10.2009. 15:27

I USE A BLENDER! I use the Belgian recipe, except 3 eggs, & 4 tsp vanilla. Blender all the milk, oil, vanilla, eggs, sugar,salt on high speed for 60 seconds to infuse air bubbles in the liquid. Makes a light fluffy batter. Add the flower a little at a time until all is smooth. If you see a vortex in the center of the mixture, add flour a tsb at a time until almost gone. Batter will be the right thickness. Add 1 tsb baking powder and 1/4 tsb baking soda the last few seconds of blendering. I use omega oil in batter, and omega butter in serving. ALWAYS use real maple syrup when serving, costly but worth it. When waffle is done, I flip it over and return it into the press for another 2 minutes,as the bottom grate of the maker does 75% of the baking, top only 25%, as heat rises. Waffles are nice, light.

Eve 08.11.2009. 11:49

I liked the crispiness of the waffle but it lacked flavor, it tasted very bland. I wouldn’t say this waffle is fluffy either.

lisa .m. 03.12.2009. 04:28

penge naman po me ng recipe na tagalog vrsion ng waffle? thnx po ititinda ko lamang sa harapan ng hawas ko.hehehe

BrokenMannequin 11.01.2010. 18:32

@tessa and =D

Wait a go sounding like ignorant stereotypical winey teenagers. If you don't like the recipe, simply don't read it. You make yourselves sound like idiots.

Made these waffles today. Loved them. I may not separate the egg next time though, I'm really fussy with eggs but all in all quick easy recipe. Thanks :)

kelly 07.02.2010. 01:40

made my life easier

Sami 26.04.2010. 05:38

NOM NOM NOM...just make the waffles and shut up! Your all idiots, This is a recipe site not oprah!!!

storme 12.06.2010. 12:29

I think that the site is awesome. I made waffles this morning and they were great. I am 8 and I can't really understand most recipies so your one is a good recipie

Jess 12.06.2010. 21:12

Hey, I'm 14 and I have no idea what is wrong with other children these days. Seriously, to those 11 and 13 yearolds, your only a few years yonger than me but yet your still acting like children. Come on guys, seriously grow up and if you don't like the way that someone has written something, you could atleast give some constructive critisism instead and talking like 3 yearolds about it. Anyway, the waffles were awsome :) I bought my mum a waffle iron but I'm the one that mainly uses it :)

Eugene 19.06.2010. 17:18

Hello, my name is Eugene. I made these waffles and the kids really enjoyed them! They're so simple to make and took me no time at all, gave me more time to play with the kids! I'm making another batch now to take down to the park for the other children ;)

yh i kid i proud of it 30.06.2010. 14:10

guys can you stop arguing about someone's grammar they weren't being rude just giving an opinion its not against the law...
besides if you dont like the kid modern text lingo then get this...

anewaze bck 2 da waffles makin 'em in class for mi d.t nd hope it goz well ...

Chef Jimmy 05.07.2010. 11:25

Good morning all. I am a chef at a major hotel brand. I decided to find some waffle recipes on the internet. And I landed on this website. I believe this recipe fails my credentials. Not sweet enough. And not very fluffy. I used 2% milk and added more flour to get to the thickness I am used to. Needs vanilla. I would say another tsp of sugar.
Overall grade: D+

bob 05.07.2010. 22:38

they were yummy thanks so much

nicky 10.07.2010. 01:44

Thanks for the recipe - for the person who lives in England - I suggest you get thee to the waffle house in St Albans - at least it existed when I lived there a few years ago now - on a lovely old water mill site - savoury and sweet waffles - beautiful setting great for a Sunday drive (though that depends entirely on which part of England you live in!

Janet 30.08.2010. 07:25

Im from England and we dont have all purpose flour, we have plain flour and self raising flour, i take it will be plain flour.

All Purpose Flour 04.09.2010. 05:33

Janet, all purpose flour is the same as plain flour. It just means that it can be used for anything... unlike some flours that are meant for certain types of doughs etc...

Mrs. Rahmpaige. 11.09.2010. 11:08

Oh would you people stop picking on the kids? How can you nit pick their spelling when the "recipe" itself is filled with spelling and grammar errors as well. I do agree, though, that it would be simpler and easier to read if all the ingredients were listed out and then the directions began. By the way Tessa and =D, high five for taking initiative and letting your voice be heard in a constructive way.

Just wants waffles 28.09.2010. 07:13

This is a WAFFLE recipe website, can we please not derail it completely by commenting on grammar and unrelated issues.

I appreciate the pros and cons of certain recipes and would love to see a few more interesting home made, tried and tested recipes.
There's nothing better than a simple recipe that tastes great!

cassi 05.11.2010. 21:54

Geez, people...
"Why youth can't be taken seriously"?
"Play with the grown-ups"?
What's up with you all? All they did was comment on the (admittedly weird) layout of the recipe. Tessa, especially, was not altogether rude. Is posting an age below 18 just an invitation for insults nowadays?I think you so-called 'adults' are being more childish than them.
Please just let them think what they want about things, and return this to being a simple waffle recipe page.

Ginny 03.12.2010. 10:06

I stumbled on this site looking for recipes to feed a diabetic child that will be visiting. Anybody know the grams of carb or exchanges? I assume it's a 1:1 exchange with the sugar substitute. Thanx.

jessa 12.01.2011. 09:40

Hi! I awoke this morning with a mean craving for waffles. Upon investigation of my cupboards, I found that I was all out of Bisquick (*gasp*, i know that's likely a naughty word here) Still hungry for waffles, I landed here. I am so excited to make my first waffles from scratch! Thank you!!

MAMI 20.01.2011. 07:24


Franklin 26.01.2011. 07:29

Wow I never knew waffles could create such controversy! Haha! We really liked the recipe! thank you.

Geroffalow 11.03.2011. 20:27

Hi there, I'm an 18 year old girl from New Zealand, I have to say that these a delicious! Beautifully soft and fluffy! And I love the quirky way you've written the recipe.
Thanks heaps for a tasty lunch!

hal9000 15.03.2011. 09:41

Great recipe. No need to seperate the eggs. This is what I use for my children. Very simple, quick and delicious with honey, jam or whatever.

Prashun 24.04.2011. 03:56

Hi:) I'm from India. I'm 21 doing my engineering. I've found some interest in cooking lately. I'm an amateur who has just entered this world of such breakfast recipes. My question is...What's the difference between a waffle and a pancake? The batter seems similar. I made a pancake for the first time. It was tasty ^_^

Rebecca 31.05.2011. 11:55

Earlier comments about only 6 waffles as a result of the ingredients instead of 12 are down to the quantities used it sounds since each waffle uses 1 cup of batter! Maybe double it for 12?

How is your morning 21.07.2011. 12:09

I can't believe people are saying that "they don't take youth seriously" and "grammar" stuff when this is a WAFFFLE SITE.
I haven't tried the waffles yet... seems like they aren't that good from the comments... D:
P.S. I'm 14, I'm a youth. Please don't judge all youth from a few... unique teenagers.

codi 15.12.2011. 21:19

wow exalent

Nathan 22.01.2012. 16:36

What is a cup?!

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