Dutch Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles is typically a breakfast food, but not necessary. It's more of a full mean than your average waffles. There are two types of chicken and waffles recipes. The first one is Dutch. With this recipe a normal waffle is topped with pulled, stewed chicken and then covered in gravy. This Dutch chicken and waffles recipe is more known in areas that have Pennsylvania Dutch influences and is not that popular. Most of the times when you talk about chicken and waffles you talk about the second chicken and waffles recipe where you serve fried chicken along with waffles. This recipe is especially popular in southern parts of United States. Here waffles are covered with butter and/or syrup and served with fried chicken. Both of these recipes give you a bit of unusual combination of foods, but nevertheless especially the second one is very popular in the United States and is considered to be a soul food.

This first chicken and waffles recipe will be the dutch chicken and waffles recipe, if you are looking for the typical American chicken and waffles check out our other recipe.

For this Dutch chicken and waffles recipe we will need:

olive oil
1/2 whole chicken
1 stalk celery
1 medium carrot
1 small onion
1 bay leaf
2 cans low sodium chicken broth (18 1/8 ounce)
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/4 cup cold water
salt & pepper

First we will heat the oil in a stew pan and in the mean time we sprinkle both sides of chicken with salt and pepper. Make sure you have the stove set to high heat. We then roast the chicken on oil until its brown on both sides. After we add all the vegetables - celery, carrot, onion, and bay leaf and after a minute the chicken broth.

Now it's time to reduce the heat and and cover the pan. simmer until the chicken is tender. This should take about one hour.

If your chicken has bones (in the right Dutch chicken and waffles recipe it should) now its the time to remove chicken from the pan, cool it and remove the bones and pull the meat apart into small pieces. If there are no bones then just pull the meat into small pieces.

Now, when the broth has cooled down a bit you can skim the excess fat and remove the vegetables. You don't need the vegetables, so you can eat them or throw them away...

We will try and thicken the broth. So mix flour and water until you get a smooth mixture. Put the broth back on the stove and bring it to a boil. Slowly and gently mix in the flour-water and mix rapidly every time you add some.

You should continue adding flour and water until the broth... well now we can call it gravy, get the desired thickness. Now add chicken and set the stove to low heat so the chicken and gravy stay warm.

In the mean time you can make waffles. We will not be telling you here how to make waffles since our site is filled with waffles recipes. If you made waffles before or while the broth was cooking you can keep them warm by placing them into the oven at about 200 degrees F.

And you are done, just serve the waffles with chicken and chicken and waffles are done.

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21.06.2008. 07:47


Alex 14.07.2008. 00:18

Dear waffle-recipe.com,

I was very displeased with the quality of your waffles. I figured my two passions.. chicken and waffles could be combined to make a delicious waffle masterpiece. but no, i was very wrong. This waffle tasted like roadkill. Thank you very much for ruining the two reasons i breathe. Im gonna go shoot myself in the mouth.


angry customer 14.07.2008. 00:22

Dearest http://www.waffle-recipe.com/recipes/dutch-chicken-and-waffles/
I cannot feel more outraged than how i am currently feeling. My passion for both chicken and waffles were crushed before my very eyes. When we were cooking these waffles the chicken was very much alive and both my 12 year old sons (yes they are twins) were extremely injured causing them to be hospitalized for a minimum of 3 weeks.I believe you ruined my lifelong dream to have a healthy family and beautiful kids.
Thank you life ruiner.
I assure you, you have not heard the last of me.

Dante Vittone 16.07.2008. 01:20

@angry customer

...You're using a live chicken, and blaming the recipe? Aha, you're a very funny person!

Ski 27.07.2008. 07:31

#1- Love your site, very good waffle recipes.

#2- To Alex, I hope I am not too late...do not despair...remember you still have sausage and brats to live for. There is still reason to draw a breath!

#3- To the angry customer: Note that the recipe calls for ONE HALF whole chicken, so the darn thing should have been killed in the halving process. If it lived through that, at least it should have been limping so badly it could not have injured your twins.

If you were doubling the recipe, I stand corrected. I wish your twins a full and speedy recovery.

Sharon 03.10.2008. 17:34

LOL LOL ( laughing a lot here ) on the on the live chicken thing........... GEEEEZES..............

Marsha 24.03.2009. 11:57

I grew up eating PA Dutch chicken and waffles. This used to be a family staple in our house. Thanks for the great memory.

sansenetta 06.04.2009. 10:24

other readers:

I read the comments on this page and about fainted.
Either someone is very demented or someone is a fool.
I................ < > am neither.

Grow up

sonia 22.07.2009. 11:26

how can i make my waffle with a gilded texture and softly

Amy 03.08.2009. 17:10

That is the funniest thing I have read in a while! I have to try this recipe now!

SAMANTHA BYERLY 21.08.2009. 15:21

I also grew up on this recipe and my family now loves this, we have moved to Florida and of course people here never heard of this version! we used to put mashed potato's on top of the waffles then the chicken and gravy.

sop 14.10.2009. 04:23

Really great comments and am going to try this one out

Drew 20.10.2009. 08:45

i first had chicken and waffles at a young age and i loved them. Now its all i eat for lunch and supper every day. thank you for your great recipes.

kp 09.11.2009. 10:50

wow. these comments are hilarious. some crazy folks on this site. im gonna try this recipe.

Ann 08.12.2009. 08:28

NO Pennsylvania Dutch cook would EVER use olive oil in chicken and waffles! Or canned broth, either. This recipe is so ersatz, it's criminal. Stew a nice fatty chicken in 8 cups of water with onion, celery, and carrots. A bay leaf, fresh or dried, salt and pepper. Skim froth. Remove chicken when done, leave in nice hearty chunks, discard bones and vegetables. Corn starch instead of flour makes a better gravy for this dish--you do not want the gravy to brown. Make the waffles from your favorite recipe. Serve with sides of seasonally appropriate vegetables--we always had yellow limas, beets, and pickled cabbage.

One last note: Chicken and waffles are not served for breakfast in Dutch country! Lunch (called "dinner") and dinner (known as "supper") only, please. Many small churches and organizations host chicken and waffle dinners in the spring and fall as fundraisers. These are generally served between four and seven p.m., family-style.

fatbass 13.12.2009. 11:35

I am new to waffle making but have discovered a new joy thanks to your site. Thought I would try out the chicken thing which sounds interesting, but had no chicken so decided to drive to the store. Accidentally ran over the next door neighbors cat as I left - it was sitting on top of the front wheel for some reason. Desperate to get rid of the evidence (and not one to waste anything) I used the cat in place of the chicken (it was only a small cat so I thought it equivalent to 1/2 chicken, and I roasted it as I didnt have a big enough pot for boiling). It actually didnt taste too bad, similar to rabbit, except I found it a bit furry. Maybe I should skinned it first. I will try the recipe with chicken next time. Anyway, if you want you can add this 'Pussy Waffle' to your recipe list.


Gene 13.12.2009. 15:15

I grew up in North Carolina and lived there my whole life until I was 25 years old. I've never head of serving fried chicken with waffles. However, eveytime I visit Pennsylvannia, someone I know is having chicken waffles for dinner. Saying that chicken waffles is "not that popular" seems wrong.

Elaine 19.02.2010. 20:35

To Fatbass: I also never heard of chicken w/waffles before the recipe on this site. Your recommendations make more sense to me - as I do make chicken soup. The cornstarch seems to be a better way for the gravy....I am going to try it your way. Of course, limas, beets & pickled cabbage (never had pickled cabbage before either-will have to find a recipe) all sound like good side dishes. In the meantime, I'll make the beans & coleslaw to go with the chicken & waffles instead. Thanks!

P.S. To all you people who posted your whacked out comments - If you're that bored w/yourselves, & can't find anything better to do - you need to get a life!

b taylor 16.03.2010. 17:21

Pennsylvania Dutch is not Dutch; rather it is German.

Ranae 17.06.2010. 08:39

Some these comments were amuzing and thanks for the laugh. Seriously, if you don't find it to be a joke, lighten up!

I agree with Ann, that NO ONE, who learned how to cook in dutch country uses olive oil. You use lard, but not for this recipe. I will say my family (for the sake of time) uses canned broth, but we never put veggies in, even if they were thrown away later. It was usually a couple of cans of broth, chicken, salt and pepper (and if Nanny was making it, there was saffrain in it).

I do disagree though on the point of using cornstartch instead of flour. I grew up on flour-water mixed gravy and really nothing compairs.

robert 28.09.2010. 20:27

If you want to make "pretty" gravy, use the cornstarch. If you want to make real gravy, use the flour and water...

kitkat 13.11.2010. 19:18

I grew up in PA Dutch (German) country also! Chicken 'n Waffles is indeed a lunch/dinner dish, and best made with stewed chicken and flour-based gravy. I have never heard of making it with fried chicken OR olive oil. Lard is the staple for PA Dutch cooking. Any vegetables served on the side is great, but we never added them to the recipe! I know whats for dinner tomorrow.....can hardly wait!

Karen 22.11.2010. 01:07

You have me laughing so hard!!! You refer to the Pennsylvania DUTCH recipe? It's Pennsylvania Deutsch and Deutsch means GERMAN. It's a common misconception in the U.S., but nevertheless a misconception. LOL

Derrick 24.11.2010. 02:14

Dutch = something to do with Netherlands
Deutsch = German
Pennsylvania Dutch = descendants of Germanic people who emigrated to the U.S. from Germany, Switzerland and The Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg). Since the Germans and the Dutch, being closely related as continental West Germanic peoples, used to share the same self-designation with regional variants well into Early Modern Times (dietsch, duutsch, diutesch, düdesch), the English word Dutch is also used to apply to both.

RyRy 08.03.2011. 10:53

It's an Anglicanization of Pennsylvania Deutsch. I can't understand how Southerners take credit for every American dish. I grew up in PA and we ate Johnny Cake, Mac n Cheese, Fried Mush, Greens, Grits, Sausage, Fried Chicken, Smoke beef and pork, ect and no body in my family has ever lived in the south.

Billie Jean 22.03.2011. 19:41

I also grew up in Pa. and was raised on fried chicken and waffles with gravy. But so far you guys are not making it the way my grandmothers did. You fry your chicken, make your gravy, (corn starch, or flour really makes no difference) then you make your waffles. you put the waffle on your plate, pour your gravy over it, and put a couple pieces of fried chicken on your plate beside the waffe and gravy.Cut up your waffle with your knife and fork , Take a bite of the waffle with the gravy and then take a bite of the fried chicken. You can also pour some gravy on the fried chicken if you wish. Now that is good eating. Hope you all agree.

gary 22.08.2011. 08:05

If you have left over chicken either fried or roasted you can use it to make this dish in a few minutes and avoid cooking a chicken for an hour. Just pick the chicken off the bones, put it in a pan and stir in a little butter and flour to make a thickener. Once that heats and the flour doesn't burn add canned /or homemade/ chicken broth,just enough to make a thick gravy. Keep it thick so you can add some evaporated Canned milk at the end and it will come out creamy and smooth. Serve it over HOMEMADE waffles.
Don't use the cardboard ones they sell in the market. They are just to look at and feed the fish.

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