Deluxe Belgian Waffles Recipe

This recipe is one of our favorites. The waffles come out thick, tender and fluffy with a wonderful aroma and flavor of fresh eggs. Once these waffles are put on the breakfast table, all that’s needed is a hungry family and plenty of butter and syrup.

For this Deluxe Belgian waffles recipe we will need:

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons white sugar 4 egg yolks
4 egg whites
1 1/4 cups milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil

1. We will begin by sifting the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar - all the dry ingredients - together in a large mixing bowl. Next we go to the wet ingredients.

2. We take a separate bowl and whisk together the egg yolks, milk, and oil.

3. We make a well in the center of the flour mixture and pour the liquid ingredients into it.

5. You can use a large spoon or mixer to mix the wet and dry ingredients just until you get a moist mixture (stop when the dry ingredients are moistened).

6. Take a small bowl and beat egg whites until stiff.

7. Now take the egg whites and gently fold them into the batter, mix a little but not too much since you will destroy the delicate egg whites that make this waffle recipe so fluffy.

8. The waffle batter is done. Now just pour it onto hot waffle iron and cook until done. This usually takes a few minutes, a good sign that the waffes are done is when the steam stops coming out of the waffle maker.

This Deluxe Belgian waffles recipe will feed 6 people.

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03.04.2009. 01:04


marian 09.04.2009. 06:39

i made these and i had to smother them with syrup because they taste really eggy. mabye i should use less eggs.

julian 18.04.2009. 00:08

great recipe

kayli 26.04.2009. 14:04

this waffle is very tasty we enjoyed it very much. the egg whites take a long time to beat so plan on having beaters

Matthew Kasprowicz 09.05.2009. 06:36

These waffles are great but I have to add a little more milk and one less egg

MARIAH 01.06.2009. 17:16


MARIAH 01.06.2009. 17:18

hehe i love waffles!!

Miguel 18.06.2009. 11:25

Marian: same happened to me, i had to try the normal waffle recipe.

NICA 21.06.2009. 05:30

Were making them atm, its all goooey but cant wait to eat em. Its fathers day so it'll be a nice treat! (: x

verl j. ramsey 27.06.2009. 10:26

there is no amount of sugar maybe this was a over sight please add it to your recipe . Thank you trying them for the first time.

Tiffers 27.06.2009. 11:02

These are delicious! We added a little powdered sugar and sliced banana on top... yeah mMm Mmmm goood =) ilw

moogsay 06.07.2009. 04:48

i love this site! the recipies are fantastic (i've tried them all) but this one is my favourite!

Jak 06.07.2009. 23:29

I've used a simillar recipe for years. Adding 1/2 cup of milk and one less egg makes a really big difference.

jacaela 18.07.2009. 07:25

i love the dot in waffle recipe dot com!

jacaela 18.07.2009. 07:26

i love the dot in waffle recipe dot com! hehe waffle RULE

Stefan 19.07.2009. 04:03

Great recipe! I agree they taste a bit eggy. Next time I will try to add half cup milk and one less egg to see the difference. Nevertheless they taste great with syrup.

Kel 26.07.2009. 10:59

I made this recipe today, my wife and I both agreed that it was lacking a little flavor. I did what the above comment suggested with the one less egg and 1/2 cup more milk. Wasn't our favorite. Maybe I'll try the recipe the way it was intended and see what happens.

Sarah 28.07.2009. 13:48

These are delicious, except they get soggy within seconds of coming off the grill.

lyle 26.08.2009. 19:56

unbelievable. I read the previous comments. Adjusted the ingredients with consideration to issues raised. And WOW! I've got the lightest
waffless I've ever made. Now my waffle parties will
be Total Knock Outs (TKO)

Hadley 06.09.2009. 11:13

I love them but they need some vanilla in it and will be perfect

Monica 20.10.2009. 08:41

Just made these and they were AMAZING,so light and fluffy

thanks for the awesome recipe

Mags 20.10.2009. 18:29

I just tried this recipe in the last hr and it's abso wonderful!! Very easy too. For that less 'eggy' taste, just add vanilla. I got 10 waffles outta this recipe! I have it saved with all my favorite recipes.

David 25.10.2009. 09:16

HOW MUCH SUGAR GOES IN THIS RECIPE!? How can all you people say this recipe rocks when it is not complete? Waah!

Mary Mac 05.11.2009. 14:31

How can all of you ask where is the "sugar"? It is on the 4th line with the egg yolks.
Also...this is an Americanized version of the true "Belgian Waffles". Not the same carmalized waffle you get in Belgiam. You need a thicker batter and small sugar chunks mixed in, so once on the griddle they dissolve and carmalize the waffle a shinny gloden brown...yum

Johnny 19.11.2009. 10:51

Yes! Mary Mac is totally right. What they say about Belgium Waffles is true and when you're in Belgium, you will need to get these from the street vendors or small, obscure tea shops as the more galant places serve an Americanized version that is not as tasty.

Tacyanne 03.01.2010. 17:06

I've made quite a few changes to get this waffle recipe perfect.

2 cups flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
3 eggs (seperated)
1 3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla

The original recipe was too thick for my waffle iron, but with the extra milk everything turned out perfect. I also recommend letting the mixture stand for about 5 minutes before cooking so the baking powder can properly activate :).

I found the recipe made 3 sets of 4 waffles exactly

Ewa G 23.01.2010. 14:07

The best waffles I have ever made!!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Richard 08.02.2010. 13:47

This recipe is DA BOMB! My wife and I loved it.

Michaleyne 08.02.2010. 13:49

Delicious, however we adjusted and added vanilla as some of the others did. YUMMMMM

Christopher Olaf 04.04.2010. 04:58

We used the extra 1/4 cup of milk and cinnamon but then, poured half of the batter on then sprinkled with a little brown sugar, then the second half of the batter and it gives you the little "sugar ball" glazing you would get from a traditional Belgian Waffle. We love it! We are going to try one less egg next time.

Danie 15.04.2010. 10:47

Perfect... I Loved it...

marian 10.05.2010. 14:24

I like my waffles sweet, so I use Splenda to sweeten and some vanilla or even

Almond flavoring.

Mikayla 22.05.2010. 10:54

Thank you SOOO much!!!! I was trying to find a waffle recipe that was just waffles, and you had the one!!! THANK YOU!!

Liza 04.06.2010. 18:04

We made these waffles tonight as a dinner/dessert combo item, and they were fabulous! We followed the recipe exactly. I think the key is making sure the egg whites are REALLY stiff before folding them into the batter.

No adjustments needed, in my opinion. Served 'em with fresh berries and bananas, syrup, whipped cream, and ice cream.

Sarah 28.07.2010. 08:22

Mmmmmmmm...... They were great!

Paul 28.07.2010. 08:31

Melt in my mouth perfect greatest waffle ever!!!!

Pat 28.07.2010. 09:00

Holy crap...this is filling!!!! I ?<3 waffles!!!

Dave 08.08.2010. 09:28

Used the recipe half way down the page with the vanilla and cinnamon added and it was fantasitc. Best waffles I have ever had. So most and not to eggy at all. Hit of cinnamon with the vanilla flavor. Just the best.

Rebecca 23.03.2011. 20:51

Use 1/2 tsp lemon flavoring, sprinkle of cinnamon and thats your flavoring! Add the lemon to pancakes also, delicious, light and fluffy.

may 03.04.2011. 21:01

u ask the cup is what cup,big cup or small cup. cup can change to g?

Ben 04.04.2011. 06:28

You can change cups to grams but the amount is not always the depends what you put in a cup :)

Try this for starters: how many grams are in a cup

Peace olayiwola 30.06.2012. 09:08

They are sooooooooo YUMMY!

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