Chocolate Waffle Cone Recipe

We just looove chocolate and chocolate flavors. Many people do, so it might be a good idea for us to try and make a chocolate waffle cone. So we give you this smoking chocolate hot chocolate waffle cone recipe. Again, it's really easy, the ingredients are the same as with ordinary waffle cone recipe, we will just add some chocolate and cocoa. Yeah!

Chocolate Waffle Cone Recipe

For chocolate waffle cone recipe you will need:

1 complete egg
1 egg white
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of butter (warm)
2/3 cup of all purpose flour and
1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Take the egg white, egg and the salt and put them in a bowl. Beat them until the mix is properly blended. Then get sweet and add some sugar to this mixture. Stir until you notice the egg getting light in color (this will take like a minute or so).

Take the chocolate (don't eat it) and melt it together with the butter while mixing. When everything is melted and nice and smooth, mix the chocolate into the bowl. Now take the cocoa and also thow it in the bowl together with the flour. Now you have to mix everithing really well so there are no lumps left (lumps bad, no lumps good).

Bake it for like 60 to 90 seconds and the quickly role it over and make a cone. Chocolate Waffle Cone Recipe and you chocolate waffle cones are ready.

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25.09.2007. 15:56


Moonlight 22.04.2008. 19:13


Shaniqwa 30.04.2008. 12:11

This recipe has been a gr8 help 2 me as i hav been lukin everywhere for 1 nd it also tastes good so id lyk 2 say 2 every1 try dis shit its fabulous

alexander 22.11.2008. 08:50

i dont have the stuff needed :(

Maximus the Great 21.03.2009. 07:19

Its just like making a waffle.............the only difference is that there is more sugar and we have to add chocolate...........easy as pie

JohnnyChopstix 08.07.2009. 13:39

noooo.. it's easy as waffles.

hi 05.10.2009. 04:24

nice recipe =D

Emily 28.11.2009. 11:13

Wow! This recipe is really good - perfect for a Sunday morning in bed! I must say though, it is perfected only by a vanilla milkshake! :D

MarciaMarie 09.05.2010. 19:43

Thank you so very much for this recipe. I have been looking every where for one. Cant wait to try it out tonight. Thank you again my 3 year old and parents will LOVE IT!!!

karen 22.11.2010. 01:02

How MUCH chocolate???

Mariella 12.12.2010. 06:16

how much chocolate & cocoa do I need?

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