Belgian Waffle Recipe

Belgian waffles are almost a synonym for waffles so what kind of a waffle site would we be if we did not have a Belgian waffle recipe in our waffle arsenal. Not to mention that Belgian waffles taste heavenly. Surprisingly enough, they are named after Belgium and are known worldwide.

Belgian waffle recipe will give you waffles that are light (because of the yeast) and crispy (because of the egg whites). Our mouths are watering already. And for sure you can mix them and top them with many different flavors. You can eat them with fruits, enjoy them with deserts or whipped cream with some chocolate topping. What also makes Belgian waffles stand out is their size. They are made in XXL waffle irons, but if you do not have one it's OK, they will taste just as good using a normal waffle iron.

The best way to make Belgian waffles is to use yeast. Yeast will make Belgian waffles fluffy, soft and yummy. You could also use baking powder or cake flour but you will get the best result with yeast. If you use yeast then eat them when they are done. They are not that good the next day...hmmm... we try really hard but we can't see the problem here :). Belgian waffles are in fact a common name for two kinds of waffles - Brussels waffles and Liege Waffles, but people usually imagine Brussels waffles when they talk about Belgian waffles so first we will give you Brussels kind of Belgian waffle recipe.

Belgian Waffle Recipe

For a Basic Belgian Waffle recipe we will need:
3 1/4 cups (1 lb. - 500g) all purpose flour
one sachet (7g) instant dried yeast
4 medium eggs
whole milk (you can also add some sparkling mineral water and make them even fluffier)
two sticks (1/2 lb. - 250g) butter
vanilla sugar
some salt

Got everything? Right! We will put the belgian waffle recipe into 9 steps so it is easier to follow:

1. Take a cup of milk and heat it until it is lukewarm then mix in your yeast. You can now leave the yeast standing for a while.
2. In the mean time - melt the butter, but stop as soon as it melts, don't over heat it or even burn it - you will lose the taste. You also need to...
3. ...separate the egg yolks from the egg whites and beat the egg whites until you get snow.
4. Now take a big giant huge bowl and throw in all the flour, vanilla sugar (one sachet) and some salt. Make a hole in the middle of the flour and fill it with melted butter, dissolved yeast and egg yolk.
5. Mix while you are adding milk (and some mineral water if you want). You should mix it really well so there are no lumps. The question you might ask here is how dense should the dough be, how much milk? It should be thick, think pancakes and then make it a bit thicker.
6. OK, now gently mix the beaten egg whites into the dough and STOP! Enough mixing :).
7. We are really hungry right now but the hardest part of this recipe comes next - leave the dough to rest and rise at room temperature for a while. How long? Until the volume of the dough doubles or even triples! We told you to take a really big bowl. If you are in a hurry then wait for 30 minutes to one hour, but if you can, make the waffle dough in the evening and leave it overnight.
8. Use the oil to grease the waffle iron (which should be hot hot hot) so your waffles don't stick to it and pour the dough in it. Bake the until they turn golden brown.
9. This step is really easy. Well, eat them already!

We can't say this Belgian waffle recipe is as easy as some of other recipes on our site but it sure kicks the ass out of every other waffle when it comes to taste. Yummy!

- - - -

Aditional Explanation Posted By One Of Our Readers

For people who need step by step instructions ( not everyone follows a card, most of my recipes don't have a card, and never had, they were passed down by doing it) here is a break down. To the OP, Thank you for sharing this great recipe.

WARNING: Best results if batter is prepared the night before, or at least 4 hrs prior to making the waffles.

-3 1/4 c all purpose flour ( I use 3 1/2)
-One 7 gram packet of dried yeast ( make sure the date is not expired)
- 4 medium eggs ( I add two extra whites to do this you will need 6 eggs)
- whole milk, 1 cup plus appx 3/4 c additional
- 1 c or two sticks of butter ( use real butter for better taste)
- vanilla sugar OR 1 c of white granulated sugar and 1 tsp. of vanilla
1 tsp. of white sugar
- 1 tsp salt

Warm one cup of milk to luke warm ( this is just warmer than body temp ) mix in yeast and add 1 tsp of white sugar ( this is food for the yeast to grow) and set aside in a warm area away from drafts.

Melt the butter just to the point of melting, do not over heat, set aside.

Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. If using 6 egg whites dispose of the 2 extra egg yolks leaving only 4 egg yolks. Mix with an electric beater or stand mixer on med. for 1 minute, then on high until the whites look fluffy and form small peaks. Set aside.

Mix flour, vanilla sugar ( or the 1 x. sugar + 1 tsp of vanilla ), 1 tsp of salt in a large bowl. Make a dip in the middle then add egg yolks, yeast and milk mixture ( should be raised considerably) and melted butter then mix by hand being sure to scrap the bottoms and sides of the bowl often, until well mixed. Mixture will be doughy. Now add milk appx 1/4 c at a time, mixing thoroughly between adding additional milk (Sparkling water can be used in part with the milk to create a fluffier waffle). Continue adding until the batter has a smooth consistency thicker than pancake mix. Consistency should resemble that of white glue. The exact amount of milk will vary depending on ingredients and how thick you chose for the batter to be. Generally the thicker the batter the fluffier the waffle.

Now fold in the whipped egg whites just until blended so you can not differentiate the whites from the batter.

Cover batter and set in a warm area free of drafts to allow the batter to rise. Over night or at least 4 hours is ideal, but in a hurry you can let it rise for 30 - 60 minutes. If you want to quick rise the dough be sure to put it in a warm area to promote the yeast to rise. The quick method will generally result in a heavier, less fluffy waffle.

Be sure to full heat and oil your waffle iron before adding the batter. Bake until golden brown. Use caution when removing the waffle from the iron as it will be very hot.

Top with syrup, fruit, whipped cream, or your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Left over waffles can be frozen and reheated for later enjoyment.

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28.09.2007. 07:24


wfl_luvr 29.12.2007. 03:56

I am gonna try this out on Sunday and let know how it tastes.

-Waffle Lover

Waffle recipes 07.01.2008. 04:47

Hey wfl_luvr, please do! :)

william 20.01.2008. 09:37

I am not a cook, but what I do know about it is that to cook for one is hard. I just want to make one waffle. Do you have any ideas about portions of the recipe?

Waffle Man 20.01.2008. 14:01

Hey william, you can try and divide all the ingredients by 2.

Linda 28.01.2008. 11:45

Would you know how to measure the yeast in teaspoons?

lyze 29.01.2008. 22:05

i do really love waffle specially belgian, so this recipe will be great, i'll give it a try this week end and let see the result.

Waffle Man 31.01.2008. 06:13

Hi, we'll try to put all the recipes into cups and spoons. For yeast, that would be 4-5 teaspoons.

Rebecca 06.02.2008. 17:48

Hi William, You could make a whole batch and freeze some... they are brilliant reheated in the toaster. Straight from frozen! Or, give some away... you will become very popular. Happywaffling.

D. A. Marie Skonecki 19.02.2008. 11:40

Make 1 waffle? How about freeze the rest and eat 1 each day for breakfast?

Urdhr 15.03.2008. 12:58

Just to let everyone here know ... vanilla sugar is sometimes sold in packets (as this recipe suggests). However sometimes it is sold in bulk and it can also be homemade (it is very easy; simply take 1-2 vanilla beans, 1 airtight jar, and regular granulated sugar and let it sit for about 3 weeks ... I do this).
I'm posting this because this recipe assumes you are using, or can find, the packets. If you aren't, or can't, you will have to know the amount of sugar in the packet ... 8 grams/0.28 ounces/1.68 US teaspoons ... this recipe doesn't tell you that.

If you can't make vanilla sugar (above) or can't find it anywhere you can use regular sugar plus 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract for this recipe.

I hope this helps those that are curious.


Raymond Lazinski 17.03.2008. 17:28

In Belgium I ate stuffed waffles filled with wipped cream and fruits. I cannot find, anywhere, the details of making hollow waffles, so they can be stuffed.A number of companys make waffle irons that turn over. None of them can tell me why they spend so much extra time engineering and manufacturing waffle irons that turn over since the real reason is to make a waffle that is hollow inside (make waffle until crust on bottom then turn over so liquid batter flows into what is now the bottom heated plate). Please tell me where I can find instructions and receipt for hollow waffles.

SUPERKU 27.03.2008. 11:36


Susie 06.04.2008. 08:45

I really really like the taste of the EGGO french toast frozen waffles and they make great egg sandwiches.
I have a cheapo round waffle maker with 4 sections.
How can I successfully alter a waffle recipe to get that mapley, cinnamony flavor in a waffle?

I've only made 1 batch of waffles in 10 years. I used Bisquick to make sure my old waffle maker still worked.
The waffle maker worked great. The Bisquick waffles for horrible. Fortunately my 4 dogs appreciated them.

I think I could get into this waffle thing. My grandkids love the frozen ones. Typically something homemade is better than frozen.


Waffly 14.04.2008. 02:54

Raymond: I haven't used rotating waffle maker yet, but as far as I understand it - it does quite the opposite - it makes waffles more even without any voids in them :)

Susie: for cinnamon taste just add some cinnamon powder :)!!

jenn 18.05.2008. 21:49

you could probably just cut a hole in the side of the waffle and have it taste just as good; that's how they make those cheap-o creme filled doughnuts that aren't actually cooked with the creme.

jennyINaz 18.05.2008. 23:39

You can buy small boxes of vanilla sugar in IKEA's food section. Just an FYI

Chris from Belgium 19.05.2008. 12:56

Lovely to see that people love waffles from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
Of course in Belgium you will many variants of recipes.
This one is a very good one. However, I use 8 eggs (and yes, separate the yolk and the white)
If you are able to find real fresh yeast, use 40 grams (I guess, it's 1/2 oz)
I also use 4 dl (1pint) of milk + 4 dl (1pint) of spankling water.
In stead of vannila sugar, I use 4cl (? 8 US teaspoon, not sure about that) of Mandarine Napoleon Liquor (or Grand Marnier or any triple sec liquor)
But hey, this is only my variation, and I'm pretty sure if you meet an other Belgian, perhaps he / she will give you another variation on the same theme: Brussels Waffles :-) Enjoy it anyway

kyra 26.05.2008. 15:19

this was a good recipe and my family really enjoyed it

Katina 27.05.2008. 06:30

We like waffles in the southern hemisphere too!
Chris from Belgium for 8 eggs do you use a kilo of flour?

Kathy 09.06.2008. 12:17

We were recently in Brussels and ate some phenomenal waffles that were nothing like the ones we have here in the States. They had little pockets of sugar crystals that added an extra sweetness that was heavenly. I had never thought of waffles as being for anything more than breakfast, but those "dessert" waffles, topped with fruit and real cream were awesome! Where can I buy these here in Colorado?

GOSIA 19.06.2008. 03:50

hi - is there anyone out there who can tell me how to get that lovely sugary coating on a waffle without it sticking and burning onto the irons? my actual waffle recipe is good - it's just how to add the nibbed sugar that i can't do - it just goes all black and burnt - and then it stinks !! help

Phaedra Montague 27.06.2008. 09:50

Great recipe. But my favorite is pumpkin waffles. Mmmmmmm. Here's the best recipe I've ever found for them -

Greta 29.06.2008. 12:26

How much is "some" vegetable oil?

Sara B. 04.07.2008. 10:11

About 1 tablespoon I guess... Some is like not too much. Just an idea. :)

newaffle 13.07.2008. 12:46

how does 3 1/4 cups equal 500g? Isn't 1 cup = 250g

cups and grams 15.07.2008. 02:18

newaffle, when you convert cups to grams you have to keep in mind what is in those cups. For instance - one cup of water is heavier that one cup of flour. Some examples I've found...

How Many Grams Are In A Cup?
Granulated sugar: 1 cup = 200 grams
Brown sugar: 1 cup, packed = 220 grams
Sifted white flour: 1 cup = 125 grams
White rice, uncooked: 1 cup = 185 grams
White rice, cooked: 1 cup = 175 grams
Butter: 1 cup = 227 grams
Almonds, slivered: 1 cup = 108 grams
Oil: 1 cup = 224 grams
Maple syrup: 1 cup = 322 grams
Milk, non-fat: 1 cup = 245 grams
Milk, sweetened condensed: 306 grams
Broccoli, flowerets: 1 cup = 71 grams
Raisins: 1 cup, packed = 165 grams
Milk, dry: 1 cup = 68 grams
Yogurt: 1 cup = 245 grams
Water: 1 cup = 236 grams
Confectioners sugar: 1 C = 110 g
Cocoa: 1 C = 125 g

end even these are not consistent. If you check different sources you get different values.

Steve from downunder 18.07.2008. 17:20

We were just given our great grandmother's waffle iron from St Niklas. Hot as fire but works well with rice oil. First one is usually knackered, but after that all good. Smakelijk.

Mari from PHX 27.07.2008. 10:00

I would like to provide feedback on this recipe. I recommend that when a recipe is given that it includes everything a person needs to do not assuming that people are cooks. This recipe is vague. Last night we started it to have the mix ready in the morning. We had to start it twice and at the end the mix was put in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap. I know we must have done that last part wrong because it didn't inflate as described. We didn't put the mix in the fridge because it was told in the recipe, we did it because that is what we do with leftover pancake mix and nothing was mentioned in the recipe on how to cover the bowl or if needed to be covered at all. We assumed it needed to go into the refrigerator because of the raw eggs.

If there is any way you can edit the recipe, please make sure you mention temperature the milk needs to be (so we don't kill the yeast). I actually used water (1/4 C with a pinch of sugar, dissolved everything and it worked better that the milk) and well, the covering or not covering the bowl if you are putting it in the refrigerator.

We are crossing our fingers to have it come out well in the waffle grill when our guest come to join us for brunch.

Sugar is sweet 09.08.2008. 04:01

How much is a "sachet" of vanilla sugar? 1 tsp, 1 cup or 1 kg?? Quantity of sugar in baked goods is critical to success! Help!!

Olga 24.10.2008. 09:28

Can this be made in a bread machine? I yes could you tell me how?
kind rgds

Lisa 30.10.2008. 08:15

Olga, I don't think they can be made in a bread machine..

schroederism 02.11.2008. 08:04

Hey all...great website! I love the recipe ideas. I inherited an XXL waffle maker from some very good frieds when their restaurant closed down years ago. I am the only one in my family that can lift it and it is the kind that rotates after the timer bell dings.

Our base recipe almost always starts with a Belgian waffle one and then we tailor it... Banana Chocolate chip, Cappucino Cream, Split-n-Stuffed, Mixed Wildberries, etc. The list is endless and they are always great with or without fresh maple syrup. Today we will be making the pumpkin as mentioned earlier in this chaina - can't wait!

wanda 17.11.2008. 08:23

I have made these waffles before there awsome
it just takes time but is well worth it so ladies
get in that kitchen and whip some up for your lovley husband or special person in your life .
i make them for about 2 or 3 mornings and batter is still good.

Kiwichic 17.12.2008. 00:59

I'm going to try this recipe as part of our Christmas celebrations.
Can someone tell me how many waffles this recipe makes?
It doesn't give any clues at all and because of the inclusion of yeast I can't just have a guess at it.

magma3637 22.12.2008. 23:31

thanks 4 d recipe. i'm gonna make it for breakfast (",)y

wafflesoup 26.12.2008. 23:15

"I'm posting this because this recipe assumes you are using, or can find, the packets. If you aren't, or can't, you will have to know the amount of sugar in the packet ... 8 grams/0.28 ounces/1.68 US teaspoons ... this recipe doesn't tell you that."

Waffles for breakfast 29.12.2008. 07:10

What if u decide not to use yeast?

Waffle recipe without yeast 03.01.2009. 14:30

@Waffles for breakfast, just try one of the recipes here that do not have yeast. I think there is plenty of them...

Adolf Oliver Bush 15.01.2009. 01:41

Your recipe for Brussel style Belgian Waffles is great, can't argue that... but i've been a cook/chef for 10 years and it was not the easiest to follow. might consider putting some stuff (like "some" salt.... how much is "some"???) in more lamens terms. this recipe went great with some homemade strawberry coolis and whipped cream!!

RN 08.02.2009. 08:59

This recipe works much better if you douple the yeast and slightly warm the milk before adding to the batter. Also, as with any yeast recipe, let it rise in a warm place or a barely warmed oven (over 80 degrees, but less than 130)

mariyana 11.02.2009. 23:13

I recently bought a waffle maker and tried almost all of the recipes in the book which came along with it but they were just bad. I also tried some other recipes from the net and was very disappointed until i came across your website and your recipe.
Simply cool! Thanks a lot, you made my day :D.


WAFFLEHEAD 28.02.2009. 16:44


missy waffles 09.03.2009. 12:09

amazing recipie i make it abuot twice a week

Inti 10.03.2009. 05:43

Wow, I tried these out. They are excellent.

ziad 25.05.2009. 06:45

hi' I'm from Malaysia and love waffles! have to try this recipe!

kal 10.06.2009. 05:39

hey anyone know how to make this waffle with out using eggs please

Carol 11.06.2009. 12:52


I went to the King Arthur site and found pearl sugar. I found Swedish Pearl Sugar on this site. So go to this site and type in : . Hope I've been some help to any person making waffles.

My daughter, son-inlaw, and 2 granson's were in Belgiam for almost 2 years because of a job. We went over & loved the waffles and now that they are back we miss the waffles and street venders selling them every day.

Marc 17.07.2009. 12:47

I was searching the net for a recipe and the Emril one on got mixed reviews so I tried this one. I liked it, but the recipe here is a little vague in terms of the final consistency before rising. I also added sugar (~2 tblesp) and vanilla extract (~1 tsp) since I didn't have the vanilla sugar. I also added chocolate chips at the end as a variation. It took about 2 hours to rise. I am going to try these again for a friend this weekend. Enjoy!

billy spleen 16.08.2009. 09:44

this waffle recipe sucks its full of butter anybody wanting a godd recipe go to a different site

9loosfranl 24.08.2009. 17:42

Try this pumpkin waffle recipe -

Ellie 14.09.2009. 17:21

I have just returned from several weeks in Belgium and France. Stayed in Brussels for nearly a month and loved the Belgian waffles (gaufres) sold on the street. I, too, would love to know how they make them with the crunchy sugar. It is brown and crunchy on top of the waffles which makes them absolutely delicious. I ate some with just powdered sugar on them holding them in my hand like a funnel cake but much better than a funnel cake. Does anyone know the secret of the crunchy sugar on the waffle?

Sarah 31.10.2009. 13:17

thank you so much i could not find it on any other web site

Inquisitor 07.11.2009. 20:20

OK, great recipe, but how many mL of milk/mineral water?

WFLQUEENS! 08.11.2009. 18:04

umm this was a failure.. we are not as skilled as we thought we were
<3 waffle queens

CLAUDE 15.11.2009. 07:56


Cal 28.11.2009. 19:01

I suggest adding less yeast, the current amount they recommend makes the waffles extremely bitter.

Chloe 30.11.2009. 00:31


Katrinka 31.12.2009. 07:37

We'll see how this recipe pans out...exciting stuff. I am going to use bread mixes from when I had a breadmaking machine and oven that worked. Now, I just have a stovetop, microwave and waffle maker. So far, when I needed to bring cornbread to a meal, I made cornbread waffles. Last week I used cinnamon bread mix to make cinnamon waffles, but today I'm going to try this wonderful idea of a European waffle.

I've never eaten Brussels or Belgium or other fancy waffles. I do know from making pancakes crispiness can be attained by adding oil to the pan and increasing the temperature, but it sounds as if the stiff egg whites in this recipe are going to help achieve this if the wafflemaker allows some of the steaming heat to dissipate while baking.

I will use this recipe as a guide; using Krusteaz kosher white bread mix instead of the flour and sugar, but adding 15 mL sugar to batter, adding 2 mL vanilla extract to mixed egg yolks, mixing warm skim milk with yeast (doubled amount because previously unopened yeast jar expired two years ago--I hope it doesn't make the batter bitter), substituting 180 mL Greek light blueberry yogurt for some of the arbitrary amount milk in the batter, sprinkling 5 mL cinnamon into it, and allowing to rise a couple hours while I do some errands on this last day of 2009. But, I will get some chocolate while I'm out, and we'll see what whipped cream, raspberry jam, and chocolate do for lunch. Mmmm. I can hardly wait.

I'm anticipating that there may just be a slight problem. I have a small wafflemaker, so my concern is that some of the waffles will get sodden or soggy while others are cooking.

Thanks for posting the recipe and allowing comments. I've learned a lot from the various contributors.

Jacqueline 10.01.2010. 00:01

This is such a yummy recipe! My husband was blown away. We had them for dessert! They are so light and crunchy, really great flavor! waffle house places can kiss my butt!

Evan 16.01.2010. 10:12

Trying this as I write...
A recommendation to the author for people like me - please add the fact that we have to let the batter rise for a minimum of 30 minutes at the beginning of the recipe - I didn't read through all the directions before starting... now I have to wait and we're all hungry. Been waiting for 18 minutes so far and still no obvious increase in volume. Putting the (steel) bowl in low temp oven to raise more.

Hopefully they turn out - I guesstimated at the yeast amount, since I buy it in a jar rather than packets (and no scale), same goes for the vanilla sugar - I just added some vanilla extract (liquid) and some white granulated sugar.
waited nearly 40 minutes, no obvious rising (maybe not enough yeast?). Cooked first two... they didn't puff up like store bought waffle mix in the cooker. My 4 year old daughter is the guinea pig.
C'est Bon! she says (we're bilingual). I agree, with the one little bite I tried so far.
They take ~twice as long as the pre-mix to cook with my cooker (probably not hot enough).
ok, ate some - tres good. :) Cooking the rest for the freezer. Also had some pork breakfast sausages with them.

Fred Tsang 17.01.2010. 15:58

I tried the recipe and it was great!!! I even made some for my dog adn she told me she loved them. One thing I tried doing is replacing the egg white with cream of asparagus, and they came out fantastic. I also added a teaspoon of soy sauce to my maple syrup and that was just AMAZING!!! try my product...

Alyssa 20.01.2010. 22:47

I had a Belgian waffle in Brussels and it was sooooo good topped with strawberries and chocolate. I'm gonna give this recipe a try.

Earth Winslow 06.02.2010. 16:26

I was really happy with the recipe. Try using half a cup of tofu rather than the butter. Also, once the waffles are done, deep fry them and they will taste delicious.

pixie 09.02.2010. 18:11

Thanks for posting a true Belgian waffle recipe. I've had these in Brussels and Antwerpen. YUM!!!
Hate the chemical leavening. Ick. Give me yeast please...

ihadmyfirstwaffle 02.03.2010. 06:01

During a recent trip to Belgium, walking through Antwerp, something sweet in the air grabbed me. I followed my nose through the cobbled pavements, past the chocolate shops to an opening in the wall. Here i got to try the most amazing combination of hot waffle and ice cream! Messy snack for a public place, but i scoffed it before it melted! That same night i tried another with banana, whipped cream and chocolate sauce! Waffles, where have you been all my life?!
Since returning, i've tried the packets for the toasters but they're just not the same. I would like to someday get a waffle iron and do it myself properly. And so today i found myself googling belgian waffle recipe.......thanks.

opinion 29.04.2010. 17:33

I heard that Belgium is famous for their waffles is this the recipe that they are famous for and have you ever tried a Belgium Waffle

Lynn 02.05.2010. 05:40


fotoboy 18.05.2010. 08:39

From out of nowhere yesterday, the sideswipe of waffle-desire hit me with a force that had me online & hunting for a recipe to satisfy this burning hunger.
At this point, I have to say, I have never cooked them, and only a few times in my life eaten them, so why the sudden craving now? I know not..

For a 1st time effort I made the basic ones outlined on your site at
(with the slight variation of an extra egg)- the first one was a total disaster - I opened it too soon and spent the next 30mins scraping the two sides clean...good one to learn early on... Do not open the plates to check them out.....
They were fantastic & after reading the commentary here, have since tried both toasting them - (WOW!) - and even deep frying them .... although this received some raised eyebrows at first, we found they tasted like donuts when doing this.... (my poor arteries :) )

now, time for these belgians...
I like the idea of the fresh yeast and considering my success with increasing eggs in the basic recipe, will try the extra eggs mentioned here too.

I wonder then how well a sourdough culture might do instead of yeast? Like making sourdough, it will need longer to prove and rise, but the results? hmmm this could be worth pursuing. (and could motivate me to grow another SD culture)

Rachel 03.06.2010. 09:01

Hi my name is Rachel and my parents were making pancakes but we were doing a different recipe and it took so long to make but I hope yours works better because this our first time but there might be too much butter so I will go to a different website that does not have butter here or there because my mom is an herbalist.

Lajla 12.06.2010. 01:36

The all purpose flour, does it have to be the one we use for pastry or the self rasing flour pls?


Mick 12.06.2010. 05:35

Hi Lajla, don't use self raising flour if it is not mentioned in the recipe. There is yeast in this recipe that takes care of the raising :)

Waffle girl 08.08.2010. 14:47

Just visited Belgium and had the most delicious waffles ever. Thanks for the recipe gonna try it but I can't wait to visit Brussels again to try the waffles again!

SlowJo 20.09.2010. 06:53

I have just returned from Belgium where I enjoyed the really wonderful waffles. I will try your recipe but as some of the other comments asked, I too would like to know how they achieve the wonderful, crunchy, sugary, caramely(is that a word?) taste and texture. I had one like that with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Pure heaven.

emma 10.10.2010. 11:12

I just made a batch of these.
I used 100g sugar with 2 teaspoons vanilla extract[I had no idea what a sachet of vanilla sugar was ]and 200g butter.
I let the mixture rise for about 2 hours and then cooked them up.
They are the best waffles I have ever made ..if a little sweet . LOL .And I think I did a good job at guessing the consistency of the mix.

Next time I will add less sugar .. but they were yummy with iceream .
I have now put the rest in the freezer as I have read you can toast them from frozen.

lee 25.10.2010. 08:52

the secret to crunchy belgian waffles is the sugar.
specifically belgian pearl sugar. there is a company out of chicago called "lars own" that imports it.

kay 23.11.2010. 09:13

To get the yummy sugary caramel on top, you need to add pearl sugar into the mixture just before you drop it into the waffle iron. If you cannot get hold of pearl sugar you can replicate the affect by crushing sugar cubes into the size of sunflower seeds and sprinkle into mixture. These will caramelize as the waffle cooks.

Mirjam Banks 27.11.2010. 09:45

Can the extra left-over Belgium Waffle mix with YEAST be stored in the fridge for the next morning (how many days)? Curious if the batter mix goes bad or loses it's unique characteristics after 24 hours (does yeast go flat like soda?)?

Judi 06.01.2011. 09:52

I made these waffles today and they are so gross. They are too heavy and have vertually no flavor, I will continue to make my old recipe.

Doreen 09.01.2011. 10:12

I made these the other morning and i was very disappointed. I left the batter overnight and cooked them in the morning. It did raise nicely though.
The recipe is very unbalanced, there is too much yeast and way too much butter which causes the batter when cooked to be very heavy and very yeasty.
I think this would be a good recipe if it was redone with different(less) amounts of yeast and butter.

this guy 26.01.2011. 03:31

Belgian waffles? Do you mean Belgian Carrots?

Anonymous 21.05.2011. 07:24

Hi I’m from Australia I haven’t been to Belgium but we do have a Belgium waffle shop's here and their waffles are the tastiest.

I’ve been trying to copy the taste and texture for years with mine and other recipes from cook books and on line but I’ve noticed they used baking soda as the rising agent.

I have tried this recipe on this site and they are exactly the same as the ones in the shop, using yeast instead of baking soda is something I wouldn’t have thought of but they taste “AWESOME”.

Eveline from Pa 29.05.2011. 20:22

READ THIS BEFORE YOU MAKE THIS RECIPE!!!!! SCROLL DOWN TO THE END OF THE RECIPE AND YOU WILL FIND A SECOND MORE DETAILED VERSION. The first time I made this recipe I did not know this and many things were left to guess ( how to sub vanilla sugar, how much salt exactly and exactly how much milk and when to add it) I am a pretty accomplished cook so I used my own judgement and they turned out pretty good. Imagine how I felt when I scrolled down to read the comments and discovered a real recipe! The second time I made the recipe it went very smooth. I substituted equal parts of wheat flour and all purpose flour and it was great you can top with anything you like and they freeze very well.(I got around 15 waffle from the batter) I think this is a very good recipe but they should put the detailed version of the recipe FIRST along with the info tha you should make the batter ahead of time. also try using half sparkling water and half milk for a very light wonderful waffle. I would also say that this recipe is not really for brand new cooks. but if you keep trying you will get it.

simon 01.06.2011. 12:36

what the vanilla sugar,

I have vanilla essence and vanilla flavouring (and don't know the difference)but vanilla sugar is new to me ,as is cooking generally!!

Anonymous 04.06.2011. 20:19

i think this was the best waffle in the world

Joshua Waffleslammer 18.01.2012. 18:50

Time consuming but well worth the effort. Kids that don't even like my children want to spend the night for a chance to have these waffles.

Oana 10.10.2012. 20:05

this is cake receipe :) my mom keep making it for 20 years every time she make a cake..ofcource its very delicious and actually its not hard to make at all.

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