Belgian Waffle Mix

We are a bit old fashioned and like our homemade waffle recipes really to be homemade from the start on. But we are also lazy and hungry for waffles so using waffle mixes like Belgian waffle mix is also OK in a case of great emergency.

Still, if you are not in a hurry just use any other waffle recipe on this site that helps you make waffles without a waffle mix.

We will not go into detail which Belgian waffle mix is better we are not even sure if you can get one in the store where you live and if you can - what kind it is.

How to make waffles with Belgian waffle mix?

Really easy. Just check the back of your Belgian waffle mix box and the recipe should be right there :). Just in case it is missing and just to make sure this is a complete waffle recipe site and just because we are so cool we will still write the recipe down here. The measurements can vary from one belgian waffle mix to another but you can't really miss all that much if you stick to these:

3 cups Belgian Waffle Mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1 1/2 cups water

Take a medium sized bowl and blend together the Belgian waffle mix, eggs, oil and water. You can stop mixing while the batter is still a bit lumpy. And? You are done! Bake the Belgian waffle mix waffles for 3-4 minutes or even better - check the instructions on your waffle iron. Enjoy.

Since lot's of people that find this recipe are actually looking for a way to make Belgian waffles from scratch - here you can find your recipe for Belgian waffles.
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09.05.2008. 07:41


cil` 08.08.2008. 11:50

waffle mix?? whats that. i thought this was a recipe

harrii 01.09.2008. 03:33

wat is the belgian waffle mix ?? :)
kool website btw :D xx

dd 09.09.2008. 08:46

Where is the Belgian Waffle mix recipe? I can't buy it in a box - and sometimes, I AM in a hurry.

jiim amos 27.09.2008. 10:30

how long can you keep waffle batter mix in fridge before it spoils?

CrazyMongol 15.10.2008. 16:39

Well, this simply shows you a recipe you will find on any box of Pancake/Waffle mix. Like... Bisquick or something like that. I think I've seen a box of Belgian Waffle Mix once in my life. So... picking up a box of Bisquick works in a similar way.

So I think this recipe is giving a recipe over a broad range of "Mix" rather than specifically Belgian Waffle mix...

Just thought I'd throw that in there for you all. =3


JoeTheCook 03.11.2008. 22:32

Why in the world would you put this recipe on here, this "recipe" can be found on any waffle mix box. Why don't you try to find out what is in a waffle mix and then you can call it a recipe, and post it.

Lewis 09.11.2008. 17:11

This is a pointless silly recipe

KG 22.11.2008. 10:59

how much is "some" vegetable oil, and can you use canola oil?

joeschmo 11.12.2008. 15:37

Every time I try to read the directions on the side of the box I end up spilling the mix all over the place

ollie 23.01.2009. 19:37

gee thanks for this. Its not a recipe. Its just plain frustrating and insulting. Who woulda thought you could make belgum waffles from Belgum waffle packet mix..... And then you add oil etc. Serious?? If you were gonna add something why not somethign interesting like grande marnier, creme de menthe or apples and cinnamon.

Cody 24.01.2009. 19:32

Fortunately, we do have getawaffe to save our soul :-)

sherri 30.01.2009. 18:43

To those of you complaining about this recipe, if you'd actually taken the time you would have found this website is full of "from scratch" recipes for Belgian waffles! Maybe you've already had too much grande marnier!

Rastas000 02.02.2009. 13:24

I almost had trouble reading the recipe as the thing was written in the long forgotten and little practised, "Tongueincheekese"!!!

I get the feeling that some people have had a humour transplant, (deemed successful, if the inability to perceive humour is evident)

When I read this, I giggled as the simplicity, and humour contained within!!

bellepoppet 12.06.2009. 08:11

I'm glad this was posted because my mother in-law has a BIG jar of Belgian waffle mix w/ no recipe on it and all she said was mix it until you have the consistency you want but i like more structure to begin w/ instead of guessing so this is wonderful!

Kitty Noir 06.07.2009. 04:54

I thought this was a recipe for making waffles not instructions on opening packets and making a mix

jlmg914 14.11.2009. 05:58

Why are so many people being so rude complaining about this recipe? There are clearly many people grateful for the recipe as they have lost the instructions on their packaging of waffle mix.
This site has a gazillion waffle recipes, many easily accessible on the right sidebar. Are you really surprised that the one titled Belgian Waffle Mix is simply the instructions to the mix?
Just because you are on the internet doesn't mean you can ignore basic manners and consideration for others.

Sibby Wafflehead 01.01.2010. 06:42

As much as people complain, I never considered a waffle mix. Sure the "recipe" is off the box, but now I know to keep my eye open for waffle mix next time I am shopping. You don't always have 3-4 hours to properly prepare a good homemade waffle batter.

Thanks for the heads-up

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