Basic Waffle Ingredients

Now sometimes you do not want to make waffles. Eeek, strike that, you do not want to make waffles right away. You just want to make sure you have all the basic waffle ingredients right at home. So when you feel like it, you can make any waffles you like. So what would be the basic waffle ingredients?

Every waffle maniac:) should have:

Some all purpose flour,
or if you want to eat healthy some whole-wheat flour,
baking powder and yeast
oil and butter.

Using these waffle ingredients you can make most of the waffles you will find in the waffle recipes on this site.

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29.10.2007. 09:09


Kay,KSA 22.02.2008. 05:09


ed in truckee 21.04.2008. 09:56

I've never heard about pearl sugar?

thanks for the great recipes! fantastic.

Waffle Man 24.04.2008. 02:46

Pearl sugar looks like this -

Gar 07.03.2009. 03:25

Yum sounds tasty already!

Notoriouso 23.09.2009. 17:47

I simply am a man living in Egypt who has a waffle maker since I was living in England ages ago.
I never used it yet I looooooved it so much back in England.
So please tell me a very easy 1 -2 -3 step of waffle making.
Something of your choice a chocolate waffle perhaps .

Andrew Smith 27.04.2010. 09:15

I was once a man who did not know how to make waffles. of course.. my life was empty. but now I have a new lease. I have reason to go on. Reason to put two feet down in the morning. thank you all so much for this. much love andrew smith

Lenny 28.06.2010. 02:42

what type of milk do u use?
evaporated milk or condense milk?
Pls advise. thanks

tommy 05.02.2011. 01:26

very good site now I can make loads of waffles they taste so good especialy if you do it yourself its awsome if you know the recipe.this website is great if you don't know how to make waffles and iv`e had loads of fun making waffles thanks to this site.

Alex 27.05.2011. 07:35

learn everything over here

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