Great Grandmothers Liege Waffle Recipe

My Great Grandmother Menou ("Big Grandma") came from eastern Belgium; she taught my grandmother her family waffle recipe, and she passed it to my mother, who finally wrote it down at the request of my sisters. I have never found or heard of any waffle recipe even closely resembling it until I wandered upon the Liege waffles. Our family recipe differs; wonder if alterations were made in the interest of time and the ability to find ingredients in South Louisiana-the original recipe was for 100 waffles! My mother remembers watching Big Grandma cook the waffles over an open fire.


1. cream sugar and shortening
2. add eggs, then flour, salt and baking powder
3. add spices alternating with milk (dough will be stiff)
4. cook in waffle iron

Extra Tips
This is like a bread dough, so I use an electric mixer with the dough hook; can add liquid as necessary; we have never added any topping except butter or margarine when eating; waffles freeze well for months; have added vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, Godiva chocolate liquour, cocoa nibs, semisweet chocolate chips; have used different cake flours and whole wheat flours in differing ratios.
Bon appetit!

Thanks to mdbubba for this recipe!

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