Camellia Grille Waffle Recipe

Camellia Grille in New Orleans was famous for waffles ~ 1960. We went there most weekends for breakfast. For many years I tried to replicate those waffles. Eventually I developed a recipe + method for waffles that are even better than Camellia Grille! The solution was really simple using minimal, but specific ingredients and specific method. First.... my definition of waffle heaven is a (1) really crispy exterior and (2) a chewy [not "cakey"] interior.


Prepare the night before making waffles


Add to a mixing container [I use a large plastic container with a tight fitting lid]:
Bread flour, 1 to 2 cups or more depending on how many waffles are desired.
Instant yeast - one envelope.
Salt 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp per cup of flour [not critical go by taste preference].
Mild olive oil ~ 1/2 TBS / cup of flour [may need more or less depending on your waffle iron].
Water - add water in steps and hand mix for a thick but pourable consistency.
Vanilla extract to taste.
Beat I use a two paddle mixer on high speed and mix thoroughly for at least a minute. The objective is to mix AND develop the gluten.
Put in refrigerator overnight to rise.

Mix by hand in the morning to eliminate any water or large bubbles etc for a consistent smooth thick pourable batter. Grease waffle Iron with Pam etc and wipe off and excess. Pour batter on fully HOT waffle iron and quickly use mixing spoon to distribute the batter and quickly close the iron.

Flip iron if you have that type. I don't and grab iron with kitchen towel folded with 4 thicknesses and flip iron over for a few seconds and then place on counter to cook.

When steam diminishes [not before] open iron to check browning.... cook longer if necessary for browning.
The waffles will be really crispy with a chewy interior and superb with butter and heated real maple syrup!

Final thoughts

The batter, kept in the refrigerator, lasts a while. Just needs to be hand stirred to incorporate any separated water before using. Can have waffles often with a big batch of batter.

AK Lagarde

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jeven tiffin 27.06.2011. 14:30

i have a waffle maker at my house and i looked every where for a recipe and i find it here!!!!!!!!!!

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